Chapter:11 ~ Dream Date (Part II)

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Xavier's POV:

I can't help but this girl, who is smiling so warmly, looking into my eyes is making my heartbeat to drop to its least and making it jump again to cross the normal barrier.

She smiled and I forget everything going on in my life. I want this moment to freeze right here, just this way.

I wanted to hate her those two years. I reminded myself to never fall in love with her but this girl made me forget those strategies to ignore her when I saw her in that company, making her way towards me.

I felt the same heartbeat which I felt when I kissed her and made love to her that whole night.

Two years back was a tough time to memorise again. I wanted her with me even in those past two years and now as well and for my whole life.

It was never her mistake but I don't know why she left me? Why she divorced me? Did she get to know about my relationship with Eva or she just found it unbearable to get ignored by me Or  maybe the way I never loved her Or something of which, even I don't know!

I am sorry Dad, for hurting your choice, your best choice. He was always right. He chose her because he knew she will love me without any reason. He never wanted the business deal between Williams and Jones but wanted Ariana to make my life more beautiful and organised.

I love her and I can't ignore this one particular feeling which I can't get over even on my death-bed.

'We should enjoy the food if you loved the place.' I said gesturing her to the table.

She nodded.

My hand is on her lower back and I seem to fail my patience to want her back. This closeness is the reason I can't let her go. Her embrace is the warmest place where I feel the ecstasy and eternity at the same moment.

I think of her but I just can't talk to her right now. I miss her but I just can't admit all this right now. I need her but I just can't show her that feeling right now. I love her but I just can't tell her right now.

We made ourselves sit on the opposite chairs. We are sitting in front of each other. I could see the focus of my eyes on her face in this dim light. And she looks very pretty this way.

The light pink colour suited her always. She looks cute in that dress. Not like Barbie but a way prettier than Barbie.

'Good evening, I am Jacob and I will be your server this evening.', The person said making my great view blocked.

'Good evening.', Ariana said politely while I just nodded. I think this is the difference between us, politeness.

He took our respective orders and left us with fresh orange juice for our drinks. I wanted to order wine but I know she doesn't drink anything which is related to alcohol and she will not even refuse if I order anything which she doesn't like.

'Were you fine these two years?', I can't help my curiosity to ask her.

She looked in my eyes when I waved away the silence using my words.

'Yeah. I-I'm fine.', She said with a little hesitation. She is feeling awkward and shy at the same time. I can see her blush and hear her hesitation very well.

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