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She stood at the train platform, waiting for the train to arrive.

She thought about leaving her friends and family. Even her boyfriend. She wasn't enough herself, she wasn't beautiful as the models on TV. Her body wasn't skinny like a celebrity.

"I'm sorry for not being enough..." She muttered to herself.

Checking her watch, there was only a few more minutes left before everything was over.

She glanced behind her at the busy crowd, sooner or later they would notice she was gone. She had left them.

"Attention, the train will arrive. Please stand behind the yellow line. This train will be going to Tokyo."

Taking a deep breath, the female steped over the line. Sorry for not being perfect and pretty.

I have many flaws, I'm not where near amazing.

Getting ready to jump, she heard a male call out her name. "Y/N- Don't-"

It happened to fast, she was pushed to the ground away from the edge of the platform. The figure fell backwards onto the tracks, colliding with the train.

She yelled tears streaming down her face as tried to reach out.



Literally a repost from my other book ;-; I'm so unmotivated in this book, can somebody make me motivated?

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