Author's Note

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Just think of it as an opening thing.

First off, I wanna say that, this is a book I've wanted to write for a long time. However, I was nervous. I'm used to writing one shot books, and writing people's requests. And if I wrote books like this it would be for a fandom. But this book... This book is going to be one hundred percent mine. It's going to be original.'s the first time I'm going to be writing a story like that. And I'm usually not good at coming up with plots for actual stories like this. And I've always been self conscious about my writing.

Keeping that in mind, I'm still going to do my best. Because I've wanted to make this book for a long time, and I wanna make it good. I want you guys to enjoy it. Believe me, I'm not going to make this sloppy. Our at least I'm gonna try not to.

But thank you all in advance for your support. And thank you for the support you've given me thus far that has given me the motivation to finally write this.

See you in the first chapter!!

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