chapter three ; no oxygen

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september. 2009

Finn's nerves were shattered and his mind was a wreck. The fact that he got three hours of sleep was making it very hard to pay attention in school. He was too busy thinking about what to do with Krazy-8.

He had a feeling if he just let Peyton go free, he would murder him and Millie or turn them into the police. On the other hand, if he simply killed Peyton he would have to live with the reality of being a murderer.

"Can I... Go to the bathroom?" Finn asked while raising his hand. His English teacher sighed but gave a nod of approval.

The boy stood up and quickly rushed toward the exit. Once he was in the hallway he looked all around to make sure the coast was clear. After he was certain nobody saw him, he ran for the main exit.


"Alright everybody listen up." David Harbour said as he pointed to a picture on a wooden board. Everyone in the office took time to observe the man in the picture. "This guy is some jack off by the name of Peyton Wich, although his gang name is Krazy-8. Now this bozo has been missing for almost two days. His parole officer last saw him in his house."

"What do you think Robbie?" He added moments later. Robert shrugged. He wasn't very good at talking to a large group of people. He'd been pretty antisocial ever since he was a kid.

"Well he's in a gang. He was probably murdered by a rival gang." The man said after a minute of consideration.

Everyone in the room began to put their heads together and think. They came up with all sorts of theories. Some of the ideas were insane and some of them were actually logical.

However none of them were even close to what actually happened.


Finn got out of his car and started to approach the RV. He'd driven out to Millie's house to hopefully put an end to the Peyton situation. Before entering the RV he looked around to see if Millie was home. He didn't see her at school and there was no sign of her at her cabin.

He slowly opened the RV door while taking very deep breaths. In and out, in and out, in and out. His hands were shaking like crazy although he was relieved when he saw that Peyton was still unconscious.

The curly haired boy walked around the unresponsive body and took a seat on a stool. He ran his hands through his thick hair as he debated on what to do. There weren't any options that he was pleased with.

Unfortunately for Finn he was going to have to make a decision very fast.

Peyton's eyelids fluttered and he opened his eyes for a matter of seconds. Even though it was dim in the RV, the light was still blinding to him. He tilted his head and saw Finn sitting down. He could tell that the younger boy wasn't paying attention to his surroundings.

Peyton stealthily got up and crept toward Finn. He slowly approached Finn from behind. He took a deep breath and then grabbed the younger boy into a chokehold.

Poor Finn imediately jolted forward in an attempt to escape Peyton's grasp, although it was unsuccessful. He clawed and scratched at the man's arm but nothing worked. He had a feeling it was going to be the end of his life.

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