Author's Note

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Surprise! Kinda. We've been hinting at this for a while. Welcome to Maybe Now, the follow-up story to Maybe Someday. If you are new to the series, you can get the first book by visiting my website at

For a refresher on the soundtrack to Maybe Someday, visit

I do not know when this story will be complete or how long it will be, but I enjoyed the process of writing TOO LATE in real-time so much that I've decided to give you guys more of Ridge and Sydney (And Warren and Bridgette and Maggie) here on Wattpad as I'm writing it!

This story picks up exactly where Maybe Someday left off. Feel free to do a reread before starting this follow-up. If you read the bonus scene on the Maybe Someday website from Maggie's perspective, you might recognize it here in the prologue.

I hope you guys enjoy this treat as much as I know I'm going to enjoy writing it!

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