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Project Fat

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Mallory and Molly Anderson were the best of twin sisters. They did everything together, whether it was doing homework or going to the movies, they were inseperable. That was until the night that changed Mallory's life forever. Molly had committed suicide leaving nothing but her diary to Mallory. The Anderson twins were alike in many ways, but physically, they were completely different. Molly was a way different size and was more towards the bottom of the food chain while, Mallory was on the cheerleading squad and was known as the popular girl. 

Three years go by and it's now Mallory's senior year but she knows this year is the year to change lives.  Ever since her sister's death she already has a great idea for her senior project. Project Fat. 

The Anderson's move into a new town and this gives a great start to her project. With being the new girl, she already has plans as she's the new "fat" girl. Go on this little ride with Mallory as she experiences something she's never felt before, being fat.

But then there is the nerdy guy, Adam Gerrard who is a Christian lover, and sparks an interest when Mallory struts inside the school not caring what everybody thinks of her.

Days go by as Mallory is treated horribly, and is disrespected but she can't let her gaurd down as many people look up to her leadership. But can she go on before she gives up? Or can Adam help her find God again and learn that the past was never her fault?

Read to find out what happens to Mallory and her Project Fat.

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