(rylyn) Imagine 1

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(Brooks POV)
*Brooks diary*
Dear diary so today my feelings for rye have got stronger like they do every day its annoying because we are in the same band and seeing him everyday and him with fans I get so jealous.

But today we done two covers and rye keeped looking at me.

But anyway that's me signing off until next time.

*end of Brooks dairy*

I put my dairy back in its 'secrect' place which is under  my bed then I went into the kitchen to see rye standing there and all of a sudden I got really nervous and that's one of the side affects to liking someone u see every day and sleep across from.

"hi Brook what u doing" he asked and I couldn't say anything it was like my throat had closed and occasionally I have panic attacks and he seen that that was what was happening now.

"Brook can u hear me" he asked I could but I just couldn't say I could then I fantied.

*1 hour later*
I woke up to rye making a loud bang. He walked into the bedroom which I suppose he carried me in here.

"Brook are u OK" he asked kind of in a wiper because I think he knew by my facial expression that I had a really bad headache.

He sat down beside me and started to rub my head and soon I fell asleep.

*the next day*
I woke up to feel arms rapped around me then a voice said "morning beautiful" and that's when I opened my eyes to see rye then he leaned Down and kissed my lips which at first I was shocked but then kisses him back.

He pulled away and asked the question I thought would never come out of his mouth to me "Brook will u be my boyfriend"

I was so shocked I just kissed him without an answer but I think after the kiss he knew the answer.

Tell me what ships u would like and the plot of the story and there can be smut if u ask so yea requests are open-zena❤️

Date published-11/2/18
Word count-368

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