Chapter #8: Hypnotizing Lips

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*some mild sexual content*


"Okay, now those are just plain ugly," Veronica laughs in the empty aisle of the Staples Supply Store.

After watching Evan walk out after our fight, Veronica helped me forget for a small while as we walked around the street, to Staples. Our conversation on the way to the store was what I needed, some serious girl talk.

I gasp, frowning sarcastically. I admire the pink fluffy pencils in confusion. "But look at them! They're fluffy!"

"And ugly," she retorts, grabbing the pencils and putting them back on the rack. "Now where are the binders? I need some."

I walk behind Veronica, watching her strut happily down the aisle of the store. She bounced around, her mood so contagious. The radio in the store made her sing along loudly and I couldn't help but sing along. She was far too happy and overly confident. She was pretty and also buys college supplies at 9 at night.


I bounced behind her, humming the same song. We tossed some pencil cases in the air, goofing off like irresponsible teenagers on drugs. Except we weren't on drugs; we were just weird.

I felt sort of guilty because I'm a mature person but being around Veronica completely turned my motives around. I grab a pencil case from the rack and chuck it at Veronica, making it bounce off her shoulder. She laughs as she picks it up, throwing it back to me and it loudly hits the air vent and it crashes, making a loud crack sound. Her aim was a little off. I gasped as I watched the case fly around on the fan up high. Veronica's laughter was so loud that it echoed multiple times, making us laugh harder.

"Oh my God!" I cackle, running away to avoid getting yelled out.

Without expecting it, we heard footsteps approaching from behind us and we went silent, covering our mouths with our palms. We laugh behind our hands, waiting for whoever it was to leave the aisle that we were in just seconds ago.

I felt rebellious and guilty but couldn't stop myself from laughing along. We run down the store, towards the back where all the binders and notebooks were. We look around, not talking but simply getting engulfed in a comfortable silence. I spoke up this time, shoving my hands into the Hockey hoody I was wearing- and that I seemed to always be wearing.

"Hey, thanks for standing up for me Ron."

Veronica grins once I say her nickname, then turns to glance at me. "Of course. He was overreacting anyways."

I nod, appreciating her bluntness. "He gets on my nerves like crazy but I love him so much."

She gags while picking up a purple binder and tossing it into the basket. "Ugh, I don't like commitment."

I laugh. "I know, I can tell by yours and Blondies relationship. Excuse me- I mean Friends with Benefits friendship."

Veronica rolls her eyes, digging through her purse. "Whatever. He satisfies my needs."

"Mm, I bet."

"Oh shut up, Peyton!" she retorts, flipping me off quickly.

"Sorry," I snort, looking around the empty store.

It was abandoned of course. Who other than Veronica and I, would be buying school supplies at this time of night? I mentally wondered why a store like this was opened for 24 hours, but the McDonalds down the street closed at 10.

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