Chapter 7

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Chapter 7

“Why, it was none other than Damon here.”  Dillenwater said almost gleefully.  There were shocked gasps throughout the kids, from everyone but Damon of course.  Alexia spun around to catch Damon’s eye, who backed up a little.  With the pure fury running through her veins, Alexia knew that she must look ferocious, even without her powers.  Plus, even though she wasn’t very far along in her pregnancy yet, you never ever mess with a pregnant woman.

“How could you Damon?  I trusted you!  We all trusted you!  You would actually condemn us all to spending the rest of our lives at the school?”  Alexia asked angrily.  There was an edge to her voice that not even she recognized.  “What about that family you told me about?  Was that all a lie too?  Did you ever actually tell me the truth?”

Damon shook his head fiercely.  “No!  That’s why I had to do it!  I need to see them.  Surely you understand!”  Alexia nodded her head slowly, her blue eyes never leaving his brown ones.  They were almost staring straight through him.

“Of course I understand.”  She said coldly.  “I understand that you’d keep the rest of us from our families just so you can go back to yours.  All of us could have escapes; we all could have seen our families.  If it hadn’t been for your traitorous plans, we might have gotten away.  Instead, you might as well have thrown us to the dogs.  I hope to god that you have to live for the rest of your life with gut-wrenching guilt.  I want for you to remember that not only did you condemn all of us to this fate, but also a helpless newborn baby.  Cause in a few months, it’ll be here and it will have to go through this too.  I hope that it stays with you for the rest of your miserable life.”  Alexia said coldly.  With her final words, she swung her hand out in an arc to land on Damon’s cheek with a loud smack.

As he rubbed his throbbing red cheek, Damon shook his head again.  “Do you think I really wanted to do this to you guys?  At first it didn’t faze me but then I started to love everyone.  But I couldn’t just back out Alexia.  They have my family!  We know that they wouldn’t hesitate to kill them!  What was I supposed to do?”  He asked, breathing heavily and looking at the ground.

“We could have figures something out.  We would have helped you.  We could have saved them!  Whatever though, because you’ve made your choices, and there’s no looking back.  You’re the one who has to live with what you’ve done for the rest of your life.  And honestly, I hope that you live a long life and don’t forget about us for a second of it.  You deserve every moment of guilt.”  Alexia said, turning her back to him and not giving him a second thought.

“For what it’s worth, I’m sorry.”  He said softly.  Alexia turned to look at him just in time to watch him back up until he was standing next to the van.  By that time the lackeys had separated the other cars from it.  Since it was still in driving condition, Damon got in and drove it away from them.

Alexia shook her head slowly, a barrage of thoughts clouding her mind.  She and Cheater both had their doubts about Damon in the beginning, but she’d never thought that he was capable of what he’d done.  She never guess that he’d betray them all the way they did.  Of course before her vision she’d never imagine that any of them would.  What kind of person was that heartless other than the ones actually inflicting the pain?

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