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At the big local library on a Saturday morning, tons of people are overwhelming the place because today was when the people are allowed to buy and get some free books. In the crowd, one boy named (Y/N) (L/N) is seen browsing through the aisle of old books.

(Y/N): Hm. What book shall I get today?

He sees almost all of them to have titles but finds one with no title. He takes it out of the shelf and looks at it.

 He takes it out of the shelf and looks at it

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(Y/N): (Blank?)

(Y/N) opens the cover and sees a written page.

(Y/N): (Chapter Classifications? Seems like maybe this book might have info or biographies. But of what or whom?)

He turns the book around to see a price tag.

(Y/N): One dollar? Seriously? Guess the library is becoming cheap today.

But since he has interest in the book, he pays for it and takes it home.

(Scene Change)

(Y/N) is seen at his study desk in his bedroom as he opens the new book he just got from the library.

(Y/N): Chapter Classifications: Shinobi, Pacts, Liberators & Extars, Huntresses, Pandora, Mages, Heroes, Shipgirls, Witches, FF Summons, Queen Maidens, Marvel Girls, DC Girls, Jaegers, Kaiju, Heisei Kaiju, Youkais, Pokes, Digis, Yugiohs, Vocaloids, Touhous, Monster Girls.

He then opens the first page.

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