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Levi pov~

This was my usual rutin, I will always wake up to work, take a bath and go to work just for me to get a headache with the amount of paperwork that my boss, also my childhood friend aka Erwin Smith, makes me do. Not just that but a certain crazy woman, aka hanji Zoé, always barges into my office every day with her annoying yelling. Talking about her I can hear her footsteps closing in.

"Levi~!" a certain crazy woman said as she barged into my office almost knocking a picture of my mother that was hanging in the wall.

"What is it shitty glasses!?" I glared at her, but my glares never work on her just for other people.

She put a shitty grin on her face as she ran to my side and started to spea- yell at me, even though I'm right beside her.

"Guess who is getting a new pet~!!" she yelled as she jumped up and down while spinning around in the same spot.

I let out a sight, of course, she will get another. This woman can't have enough pets, she already has six pets!? A dog, two cats, a snake, and two hamsters!? What did she get this time?

"What did you get this time shitty glasses?" I said as I rubbed my temples.

"I got another dog!!" she yelled.

I shook my head. Of course, she will, she just loves animals even though she barely has enough time for them, she works almost every day. The only days we get to relax is Saturday and Sunday.

"Oh and guess what!?!" she said as she sat on my desk.

"What?" I said annoyed.

I just want this day to end, please can't the day go faster!

"So you know that Erwin is married?!" she said as she tried to play with my hair.

"Yeah so?" I said as I smacked her hand away again.

"Well~ he's going to his honeymoon so he told me to tell you~that he is giving us a two-week vacation!!!" she said throwing her hands up and lean back making her fall from my desk.

Well, that just made my day better, two weeks off isn't bad. I hope I can just relax a do what I like to do on my days off, read while drinking my tea, yeah unless shitty glasses comes and ruins everything.

"He also said we are free to leave since he wants to spend time with his husband!!" she said as she exited my office.

I started to pack my stuff, when I finished I headed out of the building and got into my car, a black Lamborghini reventor, and headed to my house.

When I got there it was 7:16 pm, so I went to my room and changed into something more comfortable. I put on some sweat pants and a white saggy shirt.

I walked to my kitchen and put hot water on the teapot to make myself a cup of tea. When I heard it was ready I pour the hot water on the cup and put a little tea bag on the cup. I love grey earl tea, it reminds me of my mother, she looks cold and scary but once you know her well she is the sweetest person you can meet, she lives in France, I was born in France but never like living there, I don't know why? maybe its because it reminds me of my hard childhood.

I sat down on my sofa and started reading. I love this book, it is about some guy with two different eyes who was bullied but then he founds out that he has superpowers thanks to his eyes, he hides his identity, he's a nerd at school but when he's out of school he's a hero.

As I finished my cup there was a knock at my door, I went and opened it, no one was there, I looked down and my eyes widened. There was a basket with something inside of it. I crunched down and moved the blanket and found out it was a pup, I grabbed the note that was in the basket and start reading it.

Dear person.

I know we don't know each other but I beg of you to take care of my baby. I don't want him to live the life I'm in, I want him to be happy, to have anything in the world. Please take care of him for me, you don't know how much it hurts for me, a mother, to let your own son with a stranger not knowing what might happen to him. Make sure he's happy, just do it for me, I don't get a chance to see him grow but I hope he grows happy with you. Treat him like a mother or father will to their own child.

Thank you.

P.s his name is eren

I looked at the pup then looked around trying to find someone, mostly his mother, but today is not my luck. I grabbed the basket and took it in.

'Well, I think he will be living with me from now on. Eren...that name suits him'.

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