Call me crazy, but I came up with an idea for a new story! ^_^ I know I'm busy with writing The Betrothed but this one was just begging to be written! Don't worry, this story won't actually start for a while, but the prologue will be coming soon, so expect that! So, here's the summary! :D

Dedicated to Bentobear because... well, because he's my sexy bear! ;) lol... It's also dedicated to everyone of my avid readers from The Betrothed like Asioncon, pencil2koalas, greatwizard14, and many more, also including the crazy, sadist mpreg lover yaoiChibi...

Thank you all for the success of The Betrothed! Hopefully this book will also become a success! :D

The following summary and book info is fully owned by ME. Please do not steal it. I worked hard to come up with this idea and I don't want anyone taking it. Please be considerate. Thank you!


Jay Baker is a closeted 17-year-old junior. Desperate for interaction with other men, he decided to turn to social networking to quench his thirst. That day, he created his alter ego: Alice Lane, but little did he know that his little stunt is only the beginning of an inevitable — a very complex problem.

Grant Adams (18 years old) had just finished his freshman year of college in Arkansas. He’s back in California for the summer and had been on Kik to hunt for a girlfriend. On one lucky day, he meets the sexy Alice Lane, who was attractively a year older than him.

Follow these three on their journey through a complicate life of problems, lies, love, and heartbreak.

Are you guys hooked yet? No? Well, give it a try anyway! lol... Just to clarify, the chapters for this specific book might not be as long as the ones for The Betrothed simply because the writing style will be completely different! It's a new style that I've been practicing with, so I hope everything works well.

Character Descriptions (Cast is to the side!):

Jay Baker (17) — 5’9”; brown curly hair; hazel eyes; slim frame.

Grant Adams (18) — 6’4”; short brown hair; blue eyes; wide, muscular frame.

Alice Lane (19) — 5’9; long, blond hair;  blue eyes; slim frame.

Anyway, hopefully everyone's content with the casting! More characters will pop up as we go along in the story and they will be added to the cast list on the side. If you  have any questions regarding this book, comment below or PM me! Don't worry, I don't bite! (that hard).

Also, comment below on what you think about the plot and vote if you like it! :D


Scheduled Release Date: June 23, 2014 (tentative)

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