|| Chapter One ||

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As Gundham walked through the halls, he sighed. He could feel the other students glaring at him, their glares burning into the back of his skull. Gundham wasn't a particularly, well, pleasant student, so-to-speak. The majority of the students were terrified of him, most teachers, too.

He listened to the quiet whispers from person to person as he walked. Some of the most common being:
"I heard he's killed people for getting too close,"
"he's dangerous, why he's even still allowed in this school is beyond me."
"be careful. Don't get too close to him. He'll have a tantrum and hurt you~"

He sighed, rolling his eyes at the childish remarks. "Grow up. All of you. We're in high school for fucks sake." Gundham growled through gritted teeth. Then the bell rang. But was Gundham going to class? no, he was going round to the back of the school building, to be alone.

Sure, he was alone a lot; but he didn't always like that. When he was alone, he was allowed to
breakdown. But when he was with others? he had to keep up his Bad Boy act.


Souda was walking around the swiftly emptying halls, checking for his group of friends which promised would meet him. He eventually gave up, walking to class. Which of course, he had to share with Gundham. Although he enjoyed school, French was one of the few lessons he didn't really like, since most of the time was the lesson being disrupted.

Halfway through, though, Gundham decided to saunter through the doors- his clothes smelling heavily of smoke. As he sat down, a student leaned across to ask him something, with which Gundham replied with an aggressive "Pourquoi ne vous dérangez pas votre propre affaire?!". Souda winced slightly, realising that he should've sat further away from Gundham than possible. Sure, he wanted to be friends with everyone, but something about Gundham made his spine shiver. Maybe it was the rumours going round about him? Maybe it was his uneasy atmosphere? or, maybe it was his looks? yes, that's it. His looks. He had a scar running down his eye, one of which was a deep red colour.



Once he was home, he sighed. Growling slightly as his younger sister, Aiko, was watching cartoons again; his mother nowhere in sight.
"I'm home!" he called, only a small "hi" from his sister, no answer from his mother.

Truth is; His mother was majorly depressed, since when he was 5, and Aiko was a baby, she found out their father had been having an affair and had a child Gundham's age. Sadly, Gundham had picked this up from her. She didn't leave her room much, spending most of her days curled up under the covers, feeling sorry for herself. At least Gundham tried. He tried to make his sister happy, to give her the childhood she deserved. He hated his mother with a passion. He hated how she never left those 4 walls. He hated how she only ever tried was when she was out to work. He hated how she had just left him to look after his sister. And most of all, he hated himself; he has to lie. Take drugs to feel happiness. He wants to give up, but he can't bring himself to do so, for Aiko's sake.

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