No Control ~ 7 {Yoongi/Suga FF}

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"The problem is," he said as he leans in, "If I kiss you, I don't think I'd be able to stop."

Summary: Moving across the country.. can't be too bad right? WRONG! After losing your parents in a horrible incident you had no choice but to move with your uncle in Korea. You knew no one besides your uncle and didn't know your way around but that all changes when your uncle hires that one boy... the boy with the bad attitude....


"You know Yoongi described you as annoying and irritating but you're nothing like that at all.." Taehyung blurts out and for some reason when you heard those words... you kind of felt upset...Wow were you really that bad? Just when you were thinking that the two of you were getting along, you were wrong.

"Tae," you hear Yoongi hiss and you just looked down and then looked up smiling pretending you didn't care. What else can you do?

"Good to know," you giggled.

Maybe your first thought on Yoongi was right.... He was an asshole.. After talking to him you were willing to get to give him a chance but now you don't feel like he deserves it.

This camping trip with going to be a long trip...


At last, you all have arrived at your destination... Or at least you think you arrived. You have never been camping so this was all so new to you. Not only was the idea of sleeping outdoors new to you... You were stuck with 7 guys, that was also a whole new experience for you.

"Are we here yet?" You asked looking out the window in the car and Jimin looks over at you.

"We are," Jimin responds and you couldn't help but smile. Even though this was all new to you, you were pretty excited.

You all, one by one got out of the car and as soon as you were out you couldn't help but to just stare at the trees in front of you. It felt like you guys were in a wood where usually killers like to kill their victims and bury them... Oh my god what if this trip turns out to be like a horror film? Was this your last day of living?!

"Is this going to be another Jason movie?" You asked still staring at the tall tree in front of you and you heard chuckling next to you.

"You don't actually believe in horror movies do you??" Hoseok asks you and you just smiled. Should you answer that truthfully? You looked at Hoseok and his eyes were glued to you.

"Of course not...." You responded awkwardly hoping you didn't sound crazy and Hoseok just smiles.

After that being said you noticed the boys unloading the van. You walked over to the trunk and grabbed a hold of your duffle bag. You had no idea what you all were going to do next... You were just going to patiently wait for the boys to give you some type of instruction.

"Alright now that we arrived and grabbed our belongings... We have to just decide who's going to be sharing the same tents," Jin says as you all gathered around him. Right tents... What's a camping trip without sharing a tent, right...

"Who here bought a tent?" Jin asks looking at all of you and you patiently waited for one of the boys to raise their hands. Eventually, Jungkook, Taehyung, Hoseok, and Yoongi all raised their hands.

"Great! We will be having two per tent," Jin announces and you looked at the boys. Wait... Two per tent? Wait... You were clearly the only girl here meaning... YOU WERE ABOUT TO SHARE A TENT WITH ONE OF THESE BOYS....

This is going to be quite an interesting trip.

"Jungkook who would you like to share your tent with?" Jin asks looking at all of you and you just patiently stood there waiting for someone to eventually call your name. Jungkook looked at the rest of you who didn't have a tent but looked at Jimin.

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