Chapter 12

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Okay Peeps! The next chap is where things start to get interesting....but the 14th is my fav so far...i just gotta type it...

Dedicated to Jobiwan97 cuz i like his works...and I needed someone to dedicate this to


  I could slowly feel myself regaining conciousness, but I was too tired to open my eyes. I had a pounding headache, and even with my eyes closed, everything seemed way too bright. Great. I'm hungover.

  I was laying on my left side on what I assumed to be a bed. And... someone's arm was wrapped around my stomach. My... bare stomach. I ignored the pain the light caused by opening my eyes, and tilted my head to look behind me. Fabian's sleeping form was pressed against my back, and he was holding me to him quite firmly.

  I turned my head back to the side, and layed it on the pillow, only to come face-to-face with a sleeping Randy. His face was so close to mine, we were almost touching noses.

  Okay... so, I slept with two hot, drunk, vampires. But, did I sleep, sleep with them, or just fall asleep with them?

  I looked down to see I was only in my bra and panties and the boys were only wearing boxers. Oh, no... This isn't looking too good. At least we're wearing underclothes. So, what happened? I've got to still be a virgin. I'm not sore. Okay. I'm good. Phew. I hate confusion. It's hurting my head. Nope. That's the hangover. My stomach is burning too.

  I guess I should just lay here until they wake up. I mean, they are extremely comfy. And, woah. Randy has just as many abs as Fabian. Almost as heavenly as hot chocolate. Almost.

  Fabian tightened his grip around of stomach, which made me gasp out of lack of air, and buried his face into my hair. He took a long intake of breath through his nose.

  "Morning," Randy said, in a deep husky voice, his eyes remaining closed in front of me.

  Then, he opened his eyes, and flashed me an award winning smile. That's the first time I noticed he had blue eyes. Funny, there's a brunet with blue eyes, a jet-black-head with green eyes, and then there's the blonde, Kelso, whose eyes I still haven't gotten to see up close.

  Fabian's head jerked up, but then he relaxed and layed his head back down, snuggling into my hair again, and pulling me even closer to him, if it eas even possible.

  "Just making sure I'm not holding onto Randy," Fabian said, in a equally husky voice as Randy's.

  Randy's voice was slightly more mature, but I preferred Fabian's. It appealed to me more.

  "Hey..." Randy said, still groggy. He inched closer to me, and poked me in the belly. "I'm not as flabby as Serenity."

  "Hey!" I said softly, my voice being too weak to sound stronger.

  "Not in a bad way," Randy assured me, "It would be unattractive if you were ripped."

  "I agree," Fabian breathed into my neck. "You smell good enough to eat."

  I laughed nervously, as an evil smirk made it's way onto Randy's face.

  "Not funny, given the circumstances," I said, worming my way out of their grip, and standing up beside the bed.

  Randy and Fabian reluctantly followed, not wanting to be the only two on the bed together.

  Suddenly, the burning sensation rose into my throat, and I ran into the bathroom. I yanked up the toilet seat as fast as I could, and emptied my insides. I felt someone lift up my hair, and hold it during the length of my embarassing moment. I somehow knew it was Fabian. Once I finished, I brushed my teeth, and walked back into the room. Randy was passed out ont he bed again.

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