Her round eyes looked down at me. "Yes, Jason?"

"Can I go play by myself? I promise I won't get hurt, I'm a big boy now."

She laughed. "Sure thing, honey. But don't go too far. I don't want you getting lost."

"Okay, Mommy!" I gave her a kiss, and ran towards the huge park filled with awesome stuff. It had a big pond with little duckies and pretty swans.

I frowned, looking at them. I really wanted to feed the duckies, but Mommy told me to never go near the pond without her. She said I could get hurt. So, I waved goodbye to the duckies, and ran over to the sandbox. It was my next favorite thing at the park.

Taking a huge jump into the sandbox, I landed on my butt. Grabbing a bucket, I threw lots and lots of sand into it, and started making a castle. Mommy always say I was her little prince. She said someday I'll find my own special princess to take care of. When I do, I'll make her a giant castle, and we'll live in it together forever just like Mommy and Daddy with their castle.

"Can I play?" a soft voice, asked.

I kept my head down. "Sure." Mommy told me to always be nice to girls. She said boys who are mean to girls are bad boys and I don't want to be a bad boy. I want to be a good boy.

"Thanks." Her tiny feet stood next to mine. "I'm Isabella!"


"That's a pretty name."

I smiled. Mommy said when someone gives you a compliment, you give one back. "Thank you. I like yours too!" I said, smiling down at my castle.

"Thanks," she said with a cute giggle. "What are you doing?"

"Building a—" I stopped, seeing her face for the first time. She was just like the princesses in the fairytales books Mommy reads to me every night. But, she was way prettier.

Mommy, can she be my princess?

"Building what?" she asked, moving her head. She was even more cute then.

"Ah . . . uh . . .um . . . castle."

She laughed, her blue eyes going huge. "Can I help?"

"Sure." I nodded. "You can sit next to me!"

Making sure to protect her from everything and anything, like Mommy told me to, I moved behind her, and watched over her.

When we were done building the sandcastle, it stood taller than me. It was huge! It reminded me of those real castles Mommy showed me in those books of hers.

"It's done," she said, her cute little smile back on her face.

"Yeah. It looks amazing!"

She nodded, looking at it, and then at me. "Jason, do you go to Woody?"


"School," she said.

"Oh!" I laughed. "You mean, Woodway."

"Yes, Woody." She giggled. "I'm six! How old are you?"

"Seven." I held up seven of my fingers. "Are you new?" She has to be, right? I wouldn't forget my own little princess.

She nodded. "Mommy and Daddy just moved here."

"Really? I'll look for you tomorrow." Just wait until I tell Mommy I found her. She'll be so happy.

"Okay," she said right away, throwing her hands up.

"Isabella," someone said super loudly. "It's time to go!"

I looked at him. "Who's that?"

"Daddy!" She smiled, and ran away. I watched her go until she reached her dad.

"Isabella!" I couldn't let her leave before I said goodbye. Mommy said that wasn't nice.

They both stopped, and turned around. "Yeah?" Isabella asked.


She giggled. "Bye Jay!" Jay? I smiled super big hearing that. I'm her Jay.

"Jason, sweetie. Come on, it's time to go home," I heard Mommy called from the picnic tables.

"Okay." I raced over towards her, and jumped into her arms. I gave her a hug, knowing that she loves hugs.

"Did you have fun, sweetheart?" she asked.

"Yeah. I build this huge castle!" I threw my hands up, showing her how big it was. "It was this big, Mommy."

"That's awesome, sweetie." She smiled, patting my head. "But who was that little girl you were with?"

"My princess, Mommy!"

"Jason," a voice yelled. "Jason," it sounded again, and again, until I felt something hard hitting me upside the head. "Dude. Pay attention!" I heard a snap, as I jolted upwards. Almost falling off my seat, I realized I'd fallen asleep during Study Hall.

"I was," I groaned, even though we all know that was utter bullshit.

"Right." Gabe chuckled, rolling his eyes. "So what did you dream about? You had this goofy smile on your face, and you kept saying princess this and princess that."


I can't believe I was dreaming of that. I haven't even thought about that since the incident eight years ago.

And it was all because of Isabella.

Why does she have to come back to school all of a sudden? Why does she look like that? Why does she have to be a constant reminder that I was still madly in love with her no matter how much I'd tried to forget her?

Cover made by OhHolyCrazyOne 

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