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Jason's POV (Flashback)~

Mommy, can I go play by myself? I'm a big boy now,” I asked my mommy, begging her with my puppy dog eyes. Mommy could never say no to me when I gave her the face.  

Sure honey,” she said, leaning down towards me, but don't go too far, I don't want you getting lost now.” 

Alright mommy!” I said, leaning up and giving my mommy a kiss on the cheek.  

Turning around, I took in my surroundings. I was in this really huge park! With a big pond, little duckies, and pretty swans. I wanted to feed them so badly, but mommy said not to go near the pond without her.

Giving the duckies and swans one last glance, I headed over to the sandbox. Next to feeding the duckies, my favorite thing to do at the park was building huge sandcastles in the sandbox.  

Taking a huge jump into the sandbox, I landed in the soft sand. I grabbed the bucket and the shovel that was placed in the corner of the sandbox and began scooping up some sand into the bucket. When the bucket was piled up high with sand, I began building my pretty sandcastle, pretending that I was the prince that lived inside the huge castle.  

Mommy always tells me that I was her little prince, and someday I would find my own special princess, but so far I haven't found her yet.  

Hey, can I play with you?” someone asked.  

I was giving my sandcastle some finishing touches so I wasn't really paying attention to the girl's voice.  

Sure,” I told her anyways. Mommy always said to be nice to girls.  

Thanks,” she said taking a seat next to me. "My name is Isabella, what's yours?” 


That's a nice name,” she said.  

Mommy always said that when someone gives you a compliment, you give one back to them. Thanks, I like yours too,” I said, smiling down at my good job!  

Thanks! So what are you doing?” she asked, probably staring at my sandcastle that was at least six feet high!  

Building a....” I began, but stopped when I glanced at her face for the first time.  

She was so pretty, with long blonde hair, and bright blue eyes. She had the cutest smile ever, and she was smiling at me! Mommy, is she my princess?  

Building what?” she asked, tilting her head to the side a little, acting even more cute!  

Um...uh...a...uh...a c-castle,” I said, stuttering while staring into her clear blue eyes.  

Really?” she asked, her blue eyes shining with excitement. Can I help?” 

S-sure,” I nodded eagerly.