before you read (important)

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author's note // 

okay guys, for anyone reading this before the revision i just wanted to let you guys know that every chapter up until chapter 18, has been remade. the chapters are very, very short, like maybe a couple of paragraphs, this was done only to introduce the new plot and everything. 

as i rewrote the chapters, i wrote them in a word document, so the some of the words got jumbled together when i copied and pasted them into here, in the summer i will be trying to fix those! as of right now, they will remain how they are (sorry).  After chapter 18 the story will begin to gradually increase in size and quality. 

for those of you who were reading this story before the revision was made and were here from the beginning, i know this has been such a roller coaster, and i'm so sorry for all of that. i appreciate your patience in all of this, and i hope you guys enjoy everything from this point on. 

(the new plot is // 

in which louis is dragged to a party and ends up making the mistake of getting involved with his bully's older brother.)

all the love to everyone xx

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