Chapter 42

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Bellamy's pov

"Bellamy wake up!" I hear and feel someone shaking my, trying to get me to wake up.

I open my eyes and I see Octavia. It was all a dream. Clarke might me alive.

"The doctor came in and told us Clarke has woken up, we can go and see her." Octavia says and smiles.

I jump up without thinking. I am so happy. Clarke is alive.

"Room 17!" Octavia says and I start running.

I burst through the door. The doctor standing next to Clarke turns to me and looks angry.

"I am sorry." I say and look at him. He gives me an understanding look and walks out of the room giving us some privacy.

"Hi Bellamy." Clarke says and smiles.

I sprint to her bed and I hug her.

"Bellamy, a little bit lighter please." Clarke laugh as I losen my grip. I didn't realize how hard I was hugging her.

"Sorry." I say and after that here is a moment of silence.

"I thought I lost you." I say and look down while sitting at the edge of Clarke'hospital bed.

"Bellamy." She says and puts her hand on top of mine.

"I don't know what I would have done without you. I would be so lost. Even though we haven't spoken to each other in a while and we fought. I still love you Clarke, I really do." I say and look at her.

"I love you too." Clarke says and smiles.

"How about we give this, 'us'another chance." I ask.

"What about the girl that you liked, that you told me about." Clarke asks.

"I was talking about you." I say

"So what do you think about us dating?" I continue.

Clarke stays quiet for a while and I start getting second thoughts.

"This was a bad idea" I say and stand up.

"Wait." Clarke says and grabs my arm. She pulls me close and kisses me.

"Clarke, darling. Ohh." I hear and break the kiss. Abby just walked in.

"I didn't know you had a visitor." Abby says. I turn around to look at her. Her reaction is priceless.

"Bellamy. Well I didn't see that comming. I did, I am always right." Abby says and laughs.

Clarke and I both laugh a little.

"I should give you two some privacy." I say and walk out of the room.

I walk to Octavia and Atom.

"Hey, how was it?" Octavia asks.

"It was fine." I say and sit next to O.

"Did you fight?" She asks.

"What, no." I say shocked.

"Well that's good."

After a half an hour the doctor tells us that Clarke can go home. Abby has a night shift at the hospital so Clarke stays with us.

We get home and we tell Atom and O about us. They are happy for us. This time we will make it work. This is not the end for us, this just the beginning.

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