Love in a poem

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An eternity of love,
An eternity of love I have for thee,
As much as thee wants from me.

Let our love overflow,
And let it fill the cups of our neighbors.
Let them feel, how it is to truly love.

The breeze flows even gently today,
As it passes by my favourite field.
The flowers here seem to look at me,
With delight that I had never before seen.
Everything looks brighter today,
And my hourglass it seems,
To be running a bit slowly,
And then again I feel it's speed.

This feeling of love,
This feeling I have held,
This feeling my love,
Can be dangerous as all,
It's explosive as powder,
And ruthless as steel.
But this feeling of love is maddening,
As the scent of the rose when it blooms,
It's maddening as the wine that makes us sooth.
But again this love is saddening,
As it can make me feel like a fool,
If thee leaves, I no longer have a place to go,
If thee dies, I shall no longer have a place to call home.

Maybe our love is like sand,
Trapped in this hourglass of time,
When it all falls down to that bottom of doom,
It may all be over,
Faster than the flash of boom.
But as I observe,I see it clear,
As when the end is near,
The sand rushes in more quickly,
And now, the last of it vanishes,
Like it was never there,this saddens me a lot my dear.

Again love is so much better,
But worth it even if it ends up with a fight,
War shall I bring, if they try and take thee and make thee their kin.
War of love is not only common,
But war for love is more common therefore,
Love may be destructive,
It shall always be worth it.

Love again is maddening,
For it make a man with vision forget,
It makes a man in pain forget,
It makes a man in joy forget,
It makes them forget it all,
And it always make them ignore the world,
And stay in that sacred bubble,
Where no water enter,
And nothing pops it until it is up and about.

The feeling of love,
Cannot be explained in a song,
Nor can it be done in a poem.
The feeling of love,
Cannot be explained in a word,
Nor can it be explained with hundreds,
Love is just love with mystery that surrounds,
Love is like truth because you can't explain it.

The Dead Revolutionary

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