Chapter Two (Original)

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(Y/N) = Your name
(H/C) = Hair color

The scent of porkchops filled your nose as you awoke. Slowly letting your brain catch you up with what went down last night, you step onto the oak floor of the room you were in. It creaked as your weight settled onto it.
"(Y/N)? Are you awake?" James's voice was a comfort as you realized that you didn't dream up the shit that went down yesterday.
You studder slightly, trying to steady your body as you stand up. "Yeah."
Your (H/C) hair falls in front of your face, and you rub your eyes from beneath to rid the sleep from your vision. It was blurry, and you yawned in tiredness. The double-doors opened in synchronization, revealing the white-clad man. Except, he wasn't white-clad per say. His skin was a deep black, and his bare chest was muscular and impressive. Only white pants covered him. You blush, and he notices, but shrugs it off.
"You hungry?" He asks kindly, making you blush deeper.
How can such a sweet voice accompany that body? You ask yourself, feeling slightly guiltily about your staring.
He smiles, as if able to read your thoughts, and helps you to your feet, as you have sat back down when he entered. His hand is warm and comforting, and you find it easy to not let go.
"I have some bacon, or at least as close to that as Minecraft can get." He tells you, walking you into the well-furnished kitchen.
Pulling out a stool from the counter, he motions for you to sit in it, and grabs a plate. It is piled high with perfectly cooked porkchops. He sits in the stool next to you, and sets the plate in-between the two of you.
"Dig in, (Y/N)." He says, and you both put some of the food in your mouths.
After a few pieces of the meat, you notice that he has stopped eating, and is watching you intently. Hunger biting at you, you're forced to ignore his oddly cute behaviour and to keep eating. Though, you can't help but steal a glance or two at his naked chest. It was too seductive to not watch.
"Thanks again James, for letting me stay with you." You don't really know what to say, and that showed through to your voice.
He chuckled. "It's OK. This is the most fun I've had in a while." He told you, winking.
Oh god, what is he doing?
"I'm glad I was able to aid in your joyfulness." You tease him. He playfully shoves your shoulder, giving you a great view of his muscular, attractive arm.
He stood up, prompting you to follow his motions. James laughed at your instinctive actions, and you blush once more.
"Come on, I want to show you something amazing." He tells you before booting out the door, shirtless and all.
You laugh to yourself as you pull on your boots, which you had taken off last night before bed. You closed the doors behind you, before being scooped up by James's strong black arms.

"Just hold on, it's not too far away." He told you, and you sat back, his warmth nearly making you fall asleep again.

"You better hope so, or I'm going to crash before we get there." You warn him softly, opening your mouth for a yawn that wouldn't come.

He chuckled quietly, a sound you have come to recognize. "Go for it. You look tired enough. I'll wake you when we get there."

"Are you sure that you can carry me all the way?" You question him, eyes drooping.

His laughter filled your ears and you feel even more drowsy. "I'm sure." Is the last thing you hear before falling asleep.

(What is wrong with you guys?! How often do you sleep?! Something is up with you people... XP ;3)


"(Y/N). Wake up, sleepy." The setting sun flashing in your face, your eyes blinded momentarily, only to be greeted by James's black face. He blocked out it's vibrant gaze with his head, letting your eyes adapt. You were still in his arms, and it was warm and comfortable, but the area around you was foreign, and you couldn't recognize it.

"Where are we?" You ask him as he sets you down on the ground.

He smiled, revealing his glinting gold teeth again. "My favorite place."

It was the entrance to a cave. It was well-lit, with glowstone lining the ceiling. Filled with various ore blocks, it looked like a miner's dream come true, and was very beautiful. You mutter a 'wow' and cause James to burst into a laugh. With curious eyes, you walk into the cave, unafraid, and eager to see what treasures lied within. Your boots made echoing pattering sounds as they walked along the stone, cobble, and andesite path.

"This is very well teraformed." You comment, impressed with his abilities. "You did this by yourself?" You ask questioningly.

"Yep. All me. Haven't had anyone to share it with though."

"Awe, poor Jamie." You tease, eliciting another one of his breathtaking smiles.

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