Chapter One (Original)

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You woke up and were greeted by a strong, blue sky. There were square trees around you, filled with brilliantly green leaves. Light shone through them, blinding you with its brightness. The world of Minecraft was beautiful, to say the least.
Getting to your feet, you observed the area around you. It was a plains biome, one filled with plentiful flowers and animals. The chickens clucked, the cows mooed, and the pigs oinked, all very distracting noises. Their distractiveness made a good excuse for why you didn't hear the person that was coming up behind you.
"Who are you?" A masculine voice sounded.
You whip around to face the owner of that voice. It was a tall man. He was clothed completely in white, save his hands, which were black, his face, also black, and his eyes, a deep, soulstealing red.
"(Y/N). And you are...?" You ask him politely.
"Enti-- Call me James." (Like Wag! (TT) Wag face! Sry I'll stop now.)
You wonder what he was going to say, but quickly dismiss it.
"Excuse me for asking, but is there the possibility that you know somewhere I can stay for the night? It's getting dark." You point out. He studders, quite cutely, you think. He must have a lot of girls crushing on him.
"Oh yeah. Of course. You can stay with me." He says, blushing slightly. "This way." He turns around, motioning for me to follow him.
You follow him happily, skipping along the grass blocks. The ground feels soft and bouncy underneath you as you walk along behind James. You cannot see his face, but it doesn't matter. A slab appears out of nowhere, and you trip, falling towards the ground, only to be caught by two snowy arms. He has a grip under your arms, holding you up by your shoulders.
"Careful." He cautions you while setting you back on your feet.
You turn to thank him, and see a blush on his face, pink cheeks interrupting the black on his face. "Um, thanks. I will."
He hesitantly let's go of you, as if he is afraid that you will fall back down again. You notice that his attention is on your (E/C) eyes, watching them intently. You look away, unable to hold the gaze of his deep red eyes, and he sighs. It sounds disappointed.
"There, up on the hill. That's my house." He points to a humble house that sits elegantly on the hill. It looks expensive though, filled with quartz, gold, and oak.
"Wow..." You mutter, impressed. He smiled brightly, proud. You return it, seeing as how cute it was.
What are you thinking, (Y/N)?
You come out of your internal argument, and take off running up the hill. Quickly tossing a glance over your shoulder, you see James staring at you, mouth open. "Come on! I'm going to beat you to your own house!" You encourage him.
He stopped gawking, and responds confidently. "Your on!"
You laugh, and continue running up the steep hill, occasionally having to parkour your way up a part. The stone and granite feel nice on your feet, warm from the sun, and rough, easily grippable.
"Behind you." You hear a familiar voice call. You go to turn around, but you see James gaining to your right. He is beating you. "Infront of you!" He calls happily.
"Not for long!" You yell, and pick up speed. The house is only a chunk away, and you give yourself a final burst of speed. Not caring where he was at, you try to run all the way up to the top without stopping, deep in concentration.
You made it. Breathing heavy, you look down the hill for James. You can't find him, and start to get worried. What if something happened to him?

"I beat you." He says from behind you. "I win (Y/N)."
He is smiling valiantly, knowing that he won the race. You can only smile with him, liking him even more when he was happy. His teeth showed between his lips, perfectly gold and gleaming. His smile was seductive, the exact mix of adorable and dangerous.
He turns a face at the sky. "It's getting dark, we should go inside."
"You first." He opens his door and goes inside.
You follow him in, and are surprised by the size of the inside. It looks so small from the outside, but the space was so vast. You were standing in the back part of the living room, which included a loveseat facing the fireplace on the opposite side of the room from yourself. Infront of you was a hallway that lead to a kitchen/dining room. Opposite that was a single set of double-doors.
"That's the bedroom, where you will be staying tonight. I'm going to sleep on the loveseat." He tells you.
"James, are you sure? I can sleep on the couch..." You try to convince him. You don't feel like keeping this nice man out of his room.
He chuckled, a sound that was so spectacular you find yourself not wanting it to stop. "I'm sure (Y/N). It's ok." He assured you. "Now let's get to bed. I can hear zombies spawning outside."
"Oh, OK. Thanks again, James. I really appreciate it. Sleep well."
"No problem. You too." His voice was calming, and you took comfort in it, having it calm you down before slipping into his room.
It was smaller than the living room, but larger than the kitchen. There were two beds side by side on the wall, with chests on either side. There was a desk and chair in one corner, and a dresser in the other. Laying on the soft red sheets, you snuggle under the covers, and drift off to sleep.

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