Author's Note!

I wrote this fanfiction unlike most fanfictions. I read some if them and the story has like perfect girls. I mean no hate, if I did offend you. I love reading your story tho! :) Btw, I'm not the best at writing books,sorry.

In this story, Victoria Dallas, she is not skinny but not fat. She has many imperfections and flaws. Her life was tough because Cameron Dallas, her bro, always left. Her parents always complain about how stupid and ugly she was. She was bullied everyday at school. Her only friend was Emily. Emily helped her everyday. Everyday was a nightmare for Victoria, only Cameron and Emily helped. Until one day, Cameron wanted her to go to Magcon. Will this change her life?
Warning: self harm is included
Note that this is my first fanfic so there is a 100% chance of mistakes shown when reading.

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