Day 2

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The snow cleared. It was a sunny day. The sun reflected on the snow making it shine like crystals.

The two were at the small lake. Diago was trying to break the thick ice to drink it.

"It's useless. We should head further up the mountain...maybe we can find some liquid water..." Diago muttered.

"May i try?" Loki asked, Diago stepped off the ice and watched loki kneel down. The ice became even colder and smokey before he smacked his pale hands hard onto the ice. A loud crack echoed and the ice split apart, flowing away with the tide.

"Thank you Loki." Diago then started lapping up the water. "We best hurry and make it quickly up the mountain," he informed his human son between each slurp of water "It seems another storm is on it's way..." Diago lifted his head from the lake and saw the grey clouds ahead. He watched loki drink from the river before he also stopped

"How long do we have to go?" The God Of Mischief asked.

"About...100 miles. We should be able to make will be a close one because of the weather though...20 miles each day..." Diago calculated.

"We best make our way up the mountain..." Loki stated. They started scaling up the mountain. The wind against them as it forcfully pushed the two males back. The rain also poured down on them.

They pushed forward before they reached a clearing. There was a rock inbetween two trees that acted like a shelter. They walked forward and went under it.

"We walked 20 miles today. We will rest here and then get back to climbing in the morning..." Diago said, coming closer to Loki ,who was laying on the floor, and wrapping his giant body around him "This should keep you warm..." he whispered slightly.

"Thanks," He yawned before falling into a deep slumber...

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