Prolouge part 1

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A/N what up peeps. blackeningstone here back at it again with them author notes. i wanted to thank you all for reading my horrible horrible story and giving it a chance. this was my first fanfiction ever made, and i made it when i was 14. there are alot of spelling and grammar issues yet for some odd reason people like this story... seriously whats wrong with you people. anyway thanks sooooo much for the support on this story! i just wanted to add this note here so people are aware it was my first story and i feel a bit better while people read it haha. anyway enjoy the story!

The large moon up in the night sky lit up the dark streets as rain harshly landed against the grey pavement. A young man, most likely early twenties. he hugged the grey hoodie he wore closer to him, preventing him from getting any colder as he continued where he needed to head. he stopped in front of a metal door, knocking on it in code.

...1 knock

...2 knocks

...3 knocks

a slide infront of the mans face slid open revealing a pair of eyes glaring at him...

"youve come...did you bring it.."

"of course"

the man behind the door opened it, the door giving out a sound that sounded like it hadnt been used in a while, the younger man stepped inside as the other closed the door.

"no sudden moves and i drop you where you stand, got it?"

the hooded man glared at his remark, 'sorry, but its actaully vise versa', he thought, as the man opened the door and closed it, the boy stopped in the middle of an office looking from side to side seeing muscular men with guns gaurding. and across from him was a chair that was spun to reveal a man in a business suit, late 60's, graying hair.

"so youve brought it...Johnny"

Johnny nodded walking up to the man and setting the suitcase down on the desk infront of him.


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