1| Burst Your Bubble.

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1| Burst your bubble.

The thing is; I don't not like my life. But I don't love it either. I have a great life actually. I have a good home, great food, decent clothes and I'm quite intelligent.

Then theirs school; it sucks. I like to think of myself as quiet, cute and mysterious. But in reality i'm just silent and weird. It's not my fault I prefer the people in my head then the people in the real world. Don't get me wrong, I don't actually talk to myself or anything, but everybody else just sucks.

Including the stereotypical football players who are currently beating these two kids up. I couldn't actually see who they were mocking, but it didn't look very friendly.

"You're such a piece of shit Hemmings." Tony Walter laughed, pushing who I assume is 'Hemmings' into a locker. To the left of this scene was one exactly identical to it, just a different, slightly smaller guy getting made fun of instead. I knew him, he was Ashton Irwin. He was nice, we had maths together.

Only now had I realised that the boy on the right- 'Hemmings'- was wearing sun glasses and had a walking stick on the floor. I put two and two together and came to the conclusion that he is indeed blind. But then the recognition of his name came to a surprise to me as I recognised him to be the previous star player of the team.

Now Tony was flicking his glasses and messing up 'Hemmings's hair. I felt bad, and I felt like I should do something. So I walked over, eyebrows crossed and stood in between Tony and 'Hemmings.' I think his first name was Luke, but I can't be certain.

"Oh look, the British empire comes to strike again." Tony rolls his eyes, motioning with his head for me to move.

"That doesn't even make sense. Now put them down and go away." I crossed my arms, frowning as he was hesitant to listen to me. He finally did so, mumbling about how we were a waste of time anyway, before play fighting with the other football players.

Bending down, I started to pick up all of the books the blind boy had dropped. Firstly, I passed him his stick and made sure Ashton was ok too.

"Thank you." Ashton mumbled, making sure the walking stick was firmly in the others hand.

"It's alright. Are you ok?" I asked the other one, fixing his glasses and putting his books in his bag.

"Uh- yeah. Do I know you? Sorry if I can't remember..." he frowned, tugging his backpack straps so it wouldn't fall off.

"Um- I don't think so, no. We have a few lessons together but we don't sit near each other." I shrugged, even though he couldn't see.

"Oh right... what's your name?" He shuffles on his feet and clutched his back pack a little harder. Gulping, he feels down his walking stick, as if to make sure it was all there.

"Annie McCain. We live on the same road but you probably never noticed me." I mumbled, glancing at Ashton who gave me an apologetic smile. I guess he remembers how stuck up Luke was before the accident and this wasn't really a surprise to him.

"I'm sorry. Well, you sound really pretty." He reaches out slightly, checking if I was still there with a smirk playing on his lips. A blush painted my cheeks before I told them both goodbye, walking to my next class.


"Dude, That was really smooth. And she was hot too. You should keep talking to her. " Ashton informed Luke, his hand resting on Luke's shoulder as they walked to their next lesson, Maths.

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