Important Notice

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Hi guys!

It's kinda difficult for me to say this, but I've decided to drop The Incubuse's Secretary from the Dark Council series for good.

I'm not going to remove the story from wattpad, it'll still be here, but it won't be part of the DCS anymore. Which means, even though I've mentioned them in The Vampire's Bride, and vice versa, just think those parts never happened.

Basically, I feel like this story is a mess and completely not what I wanted it to be. When I started writing the story, Incubuse stories were kinda "in season", so I thought the audience would like to read it. But halfway through, I figured out that it was going nowhere. But I couldn't stop writing because people wanted to know what would happen next. In the end, it became a disaster of a story.

Which is what let me to make the decision that this story should not be a part of the DCS.

So, I'll be posting the first chapter of the next story, the 3rd book in the DCS called The Aqua's Hostage, in here and let you guys be wooed away...XD XD....

And I'll be replacing the second book by a new book called The Shifter's Bargain, which is a werewolf story...Just shifters in general. I was actually writing this as the 5th or 6th book of DCS, after Miaka's story where she's found her mate and has had a baby...But since there's a vacancy, I'm thinking about getting the cliches out of the way.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed the story. Last chapter comes after this, so stay tuned.


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