Surprisingly, it didn't take much to convince Jessie to go out. I told her it would be a good idea to go out and do something to keep her mind off of last night and she eagerly agreed. That eagerness to get back into some sort of normalcy showed just how much it had all really effected her. My plan was take her to an amusement park fair I'd heard about not far from campus, which had more than enough distractions. Or at least I hoped it did. We took some time to shower and change and by the time we were ready to go, Jeremy and Samara had decided to go with us. Neither one of them brought up what happened last night and I was extremely grateful.

“What's the point of an amusement park having a fair?” Samara asked from the back seat of my car. “They already have games and stuff.”

“It's a celebrational fair,” Jeremy answered. “I think this year makes twenty five years of them being in business.”

“I can get why they would want to celebrate something like that,” she replied back. “Especially in today's economy. I just think it's a bit redundant to have a fair in an amusement park. They can't possibly have more variety games.”

“No, but they could have more of the same game in different areas,” Jessie said. “Which would give more people an opportunity to play them, not to mention shorter lines.”

“Valid point,” I said.

Valid point,” Samara imitated. “Seriously, is there anything you two don't agree on?”

“We didn't agree on letting you in the car without tape on your mouth,” Jessie answered with a straight face.

“For clarification, I voted for the tape,” I smiled, amused by Samara's glare.

“Ha, cute,” she said sarcastically.

“You asked,” Jeremy laughed. “You can't be mad at them for answering.”

“Yeah, yeah,” Samara waved off his words. “Are we almost there yet?” I turned into the parking lot and looked for a spot. Two minutes later I found an opening and parked.

“We're here,” I answered.

“Thank God,” Samara sighed and got out of the car. Jessie, Jeremy and I all exchanged a look and shook our heads. Even if I hadn't decided on going to the amusement park, Samara alone could distract Jessie.

*          *          *          *          *         

Three hours later we had gotten on most of the roller coasters Jessie wanted to, played a few games and somewhere along the way lost Jeremy and Samara. Neither one of us thought about them though and chose to enjoy the alone time it gave us, even if we were in a crowded setting. So far, Jessie didn't seem to lapse into any dark moments and as much as I glanced at her I was sure I would notice. Wanting to keep her in that good mood, I kept us on the constant move from one place to another. We were on our way to the ferris wheel when she suddenly gasped next to me, pulling me to a stop and pointing.

“Carlos, look,” she said eagerly. My first instinct was that it was Michael, but her eager tone didn't match up with that conclusion. When I looked curiously in the direction she pointed, I saw she was looking at one of the game stations.

“What?” I asked.

“Look at the prizes,” she said. “They have a Pikachu!” I looked at the wall behind the game moderator that held some of the prize options. Sure enough, there at the top was a medium sized Pikachu doll. I looked back at Jessie, seeing the longing on her face as she eyes the doll. I suddenly remembered that day last year when I had gotten into a fight with Jared at school, leaving Jessie to watch Cassie. I had gone to her house to get Cassie but ended up staying to watch her Pokémon movie.

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