A cross

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"Drink! Drink! Drink!" the men around you shouted and cheered for you. Bets were made and money wandered from one hand to the other.
Over the rim of your glass you eyed your opponent. His eyes were glazed over, his face red and half of his drink landed on his shirt, instead of his mouth. This would be over soon.
With a smirk you emptied your glass, then banged it on the table. "Next, please" you ordered sweetly and cheers erupted around you. Others cursed because they just lost their money.
The next drink was placed in front of you, but you didn't drink. You traced the rim with your finger and watched with a smirk how the man across the table swayed, then fell from his stool.
"Damn!" a man called out impressed "I never saw a woman that won three drinking contests in a row". You just smiled and pulled out a small mirror to check your lipstick. Still perfect.
Closing the mirror, you eyed the crowd in front of you and asked "Who's next?", no slur was noticeable in your voice. As no one dared to take the challenge, you shrugged and got up "Well, then I head home. See you tomorrow guys"
On your way out, you grabbed your share of the money you won with the bets. A way to increase your income as a bounty hunter every once in a while. As you stepped out of the bar, you took in the cool night air to clear your after all a slightly clouded mind. You were able to handle a lot of alcohol but tonight after three contests you felt a little tipsy.
You directed your steps towards your hotel.
It was a calm night and most people were already asleep, so it wasn't hard for you to notice steps behind you. Yet no need to panic. It wasn't even clear if you were followed or if the person just walked in the same direction. Still you stayed alerted. The steps quickened and in the next second you whirled around you stop the fist that was about to hit your head. Your attacker was a pirate who's captain you've captured some time ago. He seeked for revenge. While you still were blocking the fist, you reached for you scyce that normally was strapped to your back. As you hand just hit your bare skin, you cursed. Your weapon still was in your hotel room. You didn't thought that you would have to fight tonight. Careless. You weren't bad in hand-to-hand-combat but your true strength lays in your weapon.
Quickly you pushed yourself away from the guy and after a flick-flack landed gracefully in some distance. While you were rethinking the situation, you heard the crunching of many shoes on the ground and when you turned around you found five more pirates behind you. Murderous looks in their eyes and deadly weapons in their hands.
During the fight you were able to knock three of your attackers out but while you holding of a fourth, something hit your head. Hard.
Pain exploded and while you were falling one of the remaining pirates grabbed your head to smash it on the ground. Half unconscious and with your head pulsating painfully, you felt how he sat down on your back 'That's what you get'
You were sure that this would be the end but in the next second the weight was gone and you vaguely heard fighting noises. Then it was silent, and you were carefully turned around and lifted bridal style. Your name was called and you forced yourself to open your heavy eyelids, meeting a pair of sharp golden eyes underneath a dark red hat. "Mihawk" you mumbled weakly, yet happily. Then everything went black.

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