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Bae Somin;

It's the day of the program and I sadly oversleep but that didn't stop me to get going to the university and just be in time for the program to start.

For all of the days, how can I oversleep by this important day? Seriously.

I stopped walking when I bumped into someone so I immediately said sorry to the person. "Sorry..." and bowed a little. "Oh, Somin!" I automatically raised my head when I hear that familiar voice. "Minhyun oppa?" I bluntly said.

"Oh! You're just in time, good thing you weren't late." He said while he was smiling. I sheepishly smiled back to him "Ahahah... yeah good thing..."I awkwardly laugh just to cover my nervousness. Let's act normal Somin.

"So let's go?" he said while he tilts his head, I automatically nod to him as my response.


I didn't realize that time went by as fast as I was started taking pictures, but then I suddenly stopped when I saw Yoona and Wonhi coming closer. "Is this about your club task?" Wonhi asked as she tilted her head "Yeah.." I replied to her.

I saw Yoona smiled teasingly to me so I gave her an innocent look. "She's with her Minhyun oppa~." I rolled my eyes and shook my head when She said that in a sing-sang voice.

Seriously this girl.

Our short conversation stopped when we heard some of the screams, I was a little bit startled by how they cheer or rather how they scream. "Oh shoot the last group are already starting." When Yoona said that, we went closer to look at it.


Isn't that Kang Daniel?

"My god! Dongho-sunbae is dancing!" I heard Yoona shrilled out of excitement, some go for Wonhi who is also cheering for Sungwoon sunbaenim.

I went quiet and I didn't even look at the girls, I just couldn't take off my eyes on what's happening in front of me. In short, I was deaf for a second, my surroundings went quiet and I just feel somewhat surprised by him dancing in front of a lot of people.

I didn't know he was this good at dancing.

Lol, what am I thinking? I didn't even know he can dance.

As I was watching him dancing, Kang Daniel and I made an eye contact I got startled when he gave me a smile and a little wink while he continued on dancing.

Wha–– Did he just? Did he just smile and gave me a wink? What?

I went dazed for the whole show until it ends. "Wow, they were so amazing!" I heard Wonhi said as she smiles excessively, "As expected~" Yoona said. "Somin, you okay?" I looked at Wonhi when I felt that she patted my shoulder. "Ah... Yeah..." I timidly nod to her. "Well I better get going; I need to meet up with the literature club." Wonhi said as she smiles "I'll get going too, see you later guys!" After Yoona said that they both started walking and wave goodbye to me, I wave as well while I smile at them even though I was still not in a right mind.


I'm here on the benches near to the fields, looking at the picture that I got earlier from my computer. It was going well as I looked at the picture that I took but I stopped when I realized something.

WTH?! I didn't even have a chance to take some pictures from the last dance!!

I stared the screen of my laptop for our a couple of minutes denying the reality.

"This is bad." I murmured while I'm shaking my head.

Right after I said that I heard someone asked. "What's bad?"

I jolted up to my seat, my eyes widened as I look back to see who asked it, only to find Daniel standing behind me. "Mind if I share a table with you?" I slowly nod at him "Yeah... Sure..." I said in a low voice.

Why he's here? Sharing a table with me?

He took a seat in front of me "You look worried." He casually said as he looks at me. I sighed "It's nothing..." then I shook my head slowly

"It can't be nothing." He said, obviously he's not buying on what I have reasoned.

It's because of you; I didn't have a chance to take some pictures.

I looked down and closed my eyes and sighed again. "I didn't get a chance to take some pictures from the last performance."

"Ohh... that..." he said as he nods. "So that's why it's bad." I sighed again for a hundred times. "If it could help you,  I can call the members that I danced with earlier and you could take some pictures of us." He suggested

My eyes widen when I heard that "Really?! "Is that okay? " I couldn't help but shout a little out of excitement. 

He chuckled "It's okay. " "then what are we waiting for let's go?!" I said as I put my things in my bag.  stupid me worrying about something.

After I put my stuff I looked at him and saw him looking at me while smiling, I tilted my head. "Why are you looking at me like that?"

He shook his head slowly "nothing. " then he smiled as he stands up "let's go. " I nod and followed him.

here he goes again being weird.

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