Chapter One

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Denver's POV

Waiting was the hardest part of visiting my father in prison.

Not because of the now familiar family members, friends and/or lovers of the other inmates. Though some were definitely intimidating, being from rough backgrounds and looking like they hadn't gotten much sleep the previous night, making them moody.

Nor was it the intimidating background of stony gray walls with the obvious barred windows and white marble floor.

It was quite a large spacious room, occupied with 18 visitors, some sitting on the ugly blue tables and blue plastic chairs while others were loitering along the walls.

I hated waiting because I missed my father. It had been a whole week, since I had seen him! That was too long.

Some people would think it was unnatural for a son to miss his father so much, visiting on every occasion the prison allowed, since he turned 18.

Well I say to those people my father is all the family I have left who loves me for being me.

When my crazy Christian Aunt Lidia, took me in after my dad got arrested when I was 15, everyday in that woman's house consisted of "getting rid" of the, "demon genes," that had been given to me from my, "evil father." Seriously psycho.

Then at 17 I told that loony woman I liked penis and hello front door, thrown out clothes and banshee screams of "The devil be gone! The devil be gone!"

I had nowhere to go, not even friends because they were all gone after Aunt Lidia home schooled me and never let me see anyone, especially my father.

I was so angry at him for leaving. So angry at him for making my life this shitty after he chose to do what he did that lead him to where he now currently resides. So with the change I still had in my pocket from the miniscule allowance I obtained by cleaning my Aunts house, I called the prison to tell them all the things I wanted to tell my father but couldn't.

The message was received in mere minutes to my father, resulting in one of his most trusted friends, tracking me down and giving me shelter, less than 3hours from when I had contacted the prison. Back then it seemed unusual but the present is now a different story.

My dad was told of everything I had said which consisted of so many things I regret saying now. Mostly the conversation to whomever was listening, heard me say:

"You're a fucking dick!"

"You deserve your prison you prick of a no good bald bitching smurf eating whore!"

"I'm sorry, grandmother is not a no good bald bitching smurf eating whore. Your sister is, Aunt fucking Lunatic Lidia!"

"Why did you leave me with crazy Aunt Lidia? You know she's a freak!"

"I'm gay. Proud of me daddy? I like sucking cock!!! Which I'm sure you've gotten a lot of being in prison, right dad? And your definitely the bottom, I know it!"

"Fuck you!!! I hate you! I hate you! I hate you!"

"...I miss you... I'm... I'm homeless now dad... Aunt Lidia kicked me out and now I'm on the streets. I... I need help..."

And even though I said all of that, even though I cursed him out, told him my sexual preference that I knew a lot of ignorant people do not approve of... Georgia, my father's trusted friend, relayed my father's loving reply back that brought me to the brink of tears.

"I love you and I will always love you Denver. I'm sorry for the pain I've caused and I'm sorry for not being there for you when you first started having feelings towards other boys, so I could tell you it's okay and then threaten those little punks not to hurt you or else. I deserve your hatred son, I know, but please Denver, let me make things right. I thought your Aunt would take good care of you but by the state of your situation, I was wrong. So please let Georgia take care of you for me. Or not for me. For yourself so you will be safe. I love you son. Remember that."


The sound of the buzzer that released the inmates rang and I couldn't hide my excitement to see my father again. However that excitement dimmed slightly when the first prisoner walked through the door, whose familiar golden amber eyes made me shiver with nervousness.

I had only seen him a few other times, mostly from a distance but damn... I've never seen anyone more attractive than him. Who the hell was he?


Leo Harvey's POV

He sat there laughing with his father, offering sweet treats to him and talking to the old man as if he was merely catching up with a loving parent who had gone on a long holiday, not gone to prison for murder. I wondered how he even got the prison guards to let him bring those delicious treats in but I guess the corrupted fat bastards would do anything, as long as you gave them something. And that was the least of my thoughts about him that I wanted answers to. Just a minor question to the answers I sought about this blue eyed boy.

"Harvey, fuck man! Are you listening to me?" A somewhat best friend of mines said with irritation lacing each word of his sentence. Lazily my gaze drifted towards Mike a.k.a "Fox," as he is known in the gang. He was an okay guy, loyal as of yet but one rule I live by is to never trust anyone lightly. Even if I have known him my entire life. As I have discovered.

"No, I wasn't." I stated staring at him now causing him to immediately look away. A reaction that was common whenever I looked at someone. "Tell me again." My eyes drifted back to the boy as I made a mild effort to listen to him, distracted.

"We need you man!" Fox said with repressed anger and a whole lot of desperation, talking about the gang, "Conway's fucking trying to take over our territory again and Match is a lazy bastard who's pissing off our deals while Dicco is too busy fucking that new bitch he's with to even give a shit. It's been a year now and we need our fucking leader Leo-"

Murderously my yellow eyes snapped in his direction and quickly he coward, correcting himself, "Harvey! I meant Harvey, Boss!"

No one called me my first name. It use to be reserved for one person only but now she was fucking dead. So no one was allowed to call me it. Slowly I began to let the slip up go, but if he did it again, he'd end up fucked up on deaths front door no matter who he was. He had more leeway then most of the gang being a close friend but I didn't give a shit if he said my name again. Though... I had a feeling if the angelic brunette were to use my first name, I wouldn't mind at all. In fact it will be something I'll insist on, once the time comes to have him.

"Tell Match to see me and inform Tag to take over. As for Conway, are we now too weak to protect our territory? Can we not handle the little shit who's trying to impress daddy?"

"Well ahh... no, we can take him Boss." Fox said confused.

"I should think so!" I snapped. "If the gang can't survive without me against Conway, the gang deserves to fucking die. So fucking deal with it! I have more important things to think about."

"Right ahhh... chill Harvey, damn. I'm just telling you what's happening? I'm on it."

He was about to get up and leave but one look from me made his ass sit back down. I didn't give a shit about the rules where if your visitor left you, you also were escorted back to your room. No one would do or say anything against me. It would have only made it obvious the rules at this prison do not apply to me and I've been watching the boy. I needed to do something about him soon. His father was becoming more reckless by the months and I couldn't keep his ass alive forever just to keep the boy that I was going to make mines, happy.


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