8: Haunted.

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Ella Pearson's Pov

"Shit." I heard Sam mumble from behind me when she saw the source of my frozen state.

I cleared my throat as a means to break free from the thick air I felt surrounding us. Brody's bright blue eyes watching my every move, I looked away from his scrutinising eyes unable to hold his watchful stare.

Masking a neutral expression, I walked further in the room and saw Mr. Hennessey occupying the teacher's seat with a bored look on his face.

He was the youngest male teacher in our school. He was probably still in his 20's. He was our P.E teacher and my favourite, plus, he's so handsome with chocolate coloured hair and hazel eyes.

His the reason why I never missed my P.E class or why none of the girl miss their P.E class.

When he saw me and Sam entering the room, his eyes held shock in them and I smiled at him sheepishly ignoring the burning gaze at the side of my face.

"Hello, Mr. Hennessey." I greeted him with an awkward laugh. He knew all his P.E students by their names and faces.

Sam did the same when he turned his questioning gaze at her.

"We got new delinquents in our school." Mr. Hennessey joked handing us both a paper each before saying, "Write an essay on how important manners are." He smirked at us when we accepted the blank paper from his hand grumbling under our breath.

I took a seat all the way to the last row keeping as much distance between Brody and me as possible.

Without saying a word, Sam caught unto my sudden interest to be seated in the last row as she followed closely behind taking a seat beside me.

I didn't dare raise my head and look at the guy who was boring holes on my head with his intense gaze.

I looked up when I heard Mr. Hennessey's voice.

"Mr. Stone, if you're done staring. Complete Your essay." Mr. Hennessey tried to sound strict and stern but his eyes gave him away which was filled with amusement as he looked between Brody and me.

I ducked my head and stared back at my blank paper ignoring the eyes that were now on me with Mr. Hennessey's declaration.

Great going, Mr. Hennessey. I rolled my eyes at his poor attempt to act stern and instead put all the attention on me.

Mustering up the courage, I dared to peek a glance at Brody, who gave me one last look after what Mr. Hennessey said before turning around and that's when I saw JJ beside him, looking utterly confused and lost.

He nudged Brody and I saw his lips move, his eyes moving in my direction. I saw Brody say something back with a shake of his head. After which, JJ didn't look at us nor did he say anything.

I sighed in relief and I saw Sam giving me a sympathetic smile.

I started with the essay and Sam did the same. It was my first time in a detention so I didn't know whether it was a mandatory thing to write the said essay or not but to be on the safer side, I nevertheless wrote it.

The one hour in detention felt like a prison as I was uncomfortable and fidgety.

Everything in me was screaming at me to go and tell Brody i was the girl he's searching for and that locket is mine as it'd be the perfect revenge on the Winston witches but I held myself back, for my mum and for the shelter over our head.

When the time was up, I was the first one to stand up and walk towards Mr. Hennessey, handing him the filled paper about the essay he told me to write about.

Looking at my paper filled with my hasty scribbles, Mr. Hennessey chuckled. "You're probably the first student to do as you're told. Which proves you're not a delinquent like the rest of the students here." He whispered the second sentence smiling at me teasingly.

I gave him an awkward smile not knowing how to respond to him. Sam was beside me as she handed her half filled paper with a tired yawn. She closed her mouth with her hand, his eyes wide filled with surprise.

"Sorry." She mumbled at Mr. Hennessey after removing her hand from her mouth, who laughed waving it off.

"Bye, Mr. Hennessey." Sam and I smiled at him as we turned around to walk out of the room which was now empty.

What? I raised a confused eyebrow at the empty room where five other students were seated just a few minutes back.

I heard Mr. Hennessey's voice from behind us. "That's what the students do in detention." Sam and I turned around to see Mr. Hennessey with a sheepish smile on his face.

"We will make sure to catch up soon." Sam joked, cracking me up a little.

"I believe in you two." Mr. Hennessy played along, looking at us in all seriousness before awarding us with his brilliant smile.

Waving and wishing his goodbye again, Sam and I walked out of the room.

"I can't wait to start watching the new K-drama." Sam squealed happily as I opened the door and held it for her.

"And I can't wait to soak in a warm tub and take a relaxing bath." I sighed happily thinking about taking a bath once I get home.

"You're talking as if you haven't taken a bath in weeks." Sam teased bumping her shoulders with mine.

"And what if I say-"

I was cut off by a particular bad boy who was invading my dreams and turning my otherwise messy life more messier, for the last couple of days.


As a reaction to his mere voice, my whole body went stiff and I sucked in a deep breath. I felt Sam froze beside me too, her eyes wide as we made eye contact, mouthing 'what do we do' at me.

I heard footsteps behind me and I felt his presence. "Baby girl?" His voice alone sent tingles down my spine and the kiss we shared flashing on my mind making my already thumping heart beat wildly like it'd break free from my rib cage.

Calm down, you stupid heart.

My heart was screaming at me to turn around and admit to him that, I was the one he was looking for but Gisele's words rang in my ears which successfully stopped me from doing anything that would later land my mother and I in trouble.

Like chase out of our current place and be forced to live in the streets as we got little to nothing savings.

Just for my sake, I couldn't do that to my mum. Brody doesn't even know me well nor will we go anywhere from here.

We just shared a dance, that's it. Nothing else.

And who was to say, after he knew it was me who danced with him, he will actually fall for me, the possibility of that happening was zero to none and I can't take that risk.

Maybe why he was in search of the girl he danced with was because he's curious and he wants to know who the girl was behind the mask and nothing else.

Just to quench his thirst for finding the mysterious girl, I can't risk my life or put it at stake.

Deciding what to do next, I composed myself and wiped off any emotion from face that would make him suspicious of me.

Inhaling deeply, I turned around to face a hopeful looking Brody. JJ was standing a step behind him, looking curious yet suspicious at the same time as he stared at me wearily.

Brody smiled widely when he took in my form, his smile so bright and delightful that it knocked the breath out of me.

How can someone be so beautiful?

Shaking away any irrelevant thoughts and focusing solely on what i was going to say and do, I met his gorgeous blue eyes which were lit up and filled with happiness.

I almost fainted when i heard Brody's next words.

"You're the one."


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