Chapter 6

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2 months later

Bri Pov

I woke up to feel somebody rubbin my stomach. I opened my eyes and saw Take.

Me:* hugs him*hey milk dud

Take:*hugs back* wassup

We drove to LA last night but i went to sleep before we got here . Im 8 months and 34 weeks

Me:where everybody else

Take:sleep ig


Take:cmon get ready

Me:*sits up* mmmhhh *rubs her stomach*

Take:u good


I got up brushed my teeth washed my face and took a shower. I got out lotioned my body and put on (mm) . I left my hair down and went in Ari room .

Me:getcho ass up

Ari:*walks out the bathroom* no u aint finna do that

Me:cmon i aint leave my room and walk down here for nun

Ari: shut up

Me: im howngry

Ari: yea me to

Take:thats cause yall pregnant

Both:fuck u

Take:actually i would fuck both of yall....yall bad asf


??:y my babymama blushin so hard

Me:*hugs him laughin* imu

Qua:*hugs back* imu 2 babygirl *kisses her*

Me:*kisses back* we do need to talk tho

Qua:*kisses her stomach*wassup


Me:ight they miss u 2 now get the hell on they kickin and it hurt

Qua:*laughs* cmon

We got in the car and left . First we ate then we went to a park . We sat down on the bench and started talkin

Qua:wassup babygirl

Me:whats goin on i aint talked to u in atleast 2 weeks . I told u before u left that i wanted a call to make sure u ok . Even if i called u u didn't answer . So what happened

Qua: u kno what i gotta do *holds her hands* i had stuff to do and ik whatchu think . Im not cheatin . Its hard but im comin home in a few weeks . Ik i aint been answerin and im sorry but if it answer yo question, im safe and ik what im doin so u dont worry bout me ight

Me:*nods* i went for a ultrasound the other day they said they healthy *shows him a picture*


Me:u see that big ass bottom lip of y'alls


Me:i got 5 weeks left

Qua:u ready

Me:yep just so i can have somebody to help me kick yo ass

Qua:u mustve forgot we live together and sleep in the same bed

Me:*laughs* nah ik but it aint illegal to kill yo bf

Qua:it aint illegal to fuck yo gf till she beg u to stop either

Me:im gettin a restrainin order


Me:i wanna stay

Qua:nah u cant stay Louisiana aint safe for u rn

Me:lemme hold yo phone

Qua:*gives it to her*

I opened it and looked on his calendar. I seen the due date on it already

Me:damn u already had the due date on it


Me:well getcho phone back then *gives it to him*

Qua:*laughs* c'mon

We was together for bout 4 hours well i think 4 it might've been 6 . I was "sleep" . But we was until he had to go .

Me:dont forget what i said to

Qua: i wont babygirl *kisses her forehead* call me if some happen

Me:ok *kisses him*

Qua:*kisses back*

Me:i love u

Qua:i love u to *kisses her stomach*

Me:*smiles*be safe and tell Set milk dud i love em

Qua:ight *leaves*

We packed up and left the next morning


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