Dues to be Paid

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Someone suggested I do warnings for NSFW scenes.
Hey guys.
This has a NSFW scene ;)

Operation Break Jungkook
Stage helphesontheothersideofthedoor
Oh how the turntables.

Jungkook's POV
Immediately,  she slams the shower door shut in his face. A half-angry chuckle works it's way out of Jungkook's lips, echoing around the bathroom tiles in warning.

As if that will stop him. Her resistance is so cute, the flustered hue of her face simply pushing Jungkook further into the depths of arousal.

He's mad, and turned on, and there isn't anything living or dead on this planet that could keep him from finally making Y/N pay her dues for the last week of torture.

As if he hasn't noticed the sudden change in behavior in her: the flirting, the touching, the teasing.

And then, she acts like he's a kid. Like he doesn't understand adult things.

Jungkook's more than ready to show her just how wrong she is.

A loop of her face seconds before she slammed the shower door closed is playing in his mind. Her pretty skin, dewy with drops of warm water and stained with a wild red shade.

He loves seeing her blush. He loves it even more when he knows that he's the one that's causing it.

The steam spilling over the top of the walk-in shower feels warm and sticky on his bare skin. In fact, the entire bathroom is coated in a thin layer of hot steam, fogging up the mirror and the tiles and making the air thick like the air in the rainforest.

However, that heat is nothing compared to the fire burning through his lower stomach, clenched into a tight ball that demands some kind of relief.

Jungkook rolls his shoulders back and stalks toward the shower, watching Y/N's quivering shadow on the other side of the door.

He thinks that she might be holding the handle, trying to prevent him from entering in after her. Laughing again in a pissed-off way, Jungkook places one large hand flat against the glass, pressed to her shadow.

"Y/N," he says. "Come out and play."

Her shadow jumps and flinches at his voice. "I-I'm your Noona," is her squeaky reply a moment later. "Be r-r-respectful."

"Me?" Expirementally, Jungkook pulls on the handle of the door, satisfied when the merest tug results in a panicked Y/N holding on for dear life. "How can I be respectful to you when you've been so disrespectful to me?"

He grabs hold of the door and pulls for real this time, feeling the weakness of her resistance in the other side as the door easily swings open.

"No!" Y/N screeches.

The glass door comes open completely, releasing a cloud of translucent steam and a small female with wet hair and panicked eyes.

Jungkook only gets a glimpse of her body before she lunges at him, slamming her hands across his eyes. Y/N keeps her hands there to block his vision as she dances on her toes, chanting "holy crap, holy crap, holy crap".

Even then, though, the action slams her against him, and he can feel the curves of her soft body, the furious heat of damp skin on damp skin.

It's all fire and friction and soft, soft, soft.

Jungkook lets out a minuscule mmm, the sound rumbling from the depth of his chest like  thunder on the horizon. His hands caress her waist, cherishing the smooth slide of her wet skin beneath his palms.

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