The Phone Call

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When we get home, we decided to not go to the beach today. We both thought that we had enough adventure for one day. Instead, we watched movies all day. Not just any movies, though. Since we didn't go to the beach we decided to watch movies that had to do with water.

We watched things like Jaws, Finding Nemo, The Little Mermaid (I know laugh it up), and more. It was hard to watch Finding Nemo since I last watched it with my Mom. But, Poseidon was cool to watch it with. Even though I'm still too old for that movie.

We just finished one of our movies and was about to play another one when Poseidon't phone started ringing in the kitchen.

Poseidon sighed and got off the couch with a "Be right back Percy" and walked to kitchen to pick up the phone.

He walked in and I think he hesitated answering the phone because there was a few moments of a pause. When he finally answered it he took a deep sigh and said, "Hello?"

I heard a voice talking back, but I couldn't make up what she was saying. It sounded female, though.

When Poseidon answered back he started to whisper. This made me suspicious so I got off the couch and walked towards the very edge of the kitchen to hear what he was saying.

"Hestia... I don't know that I can make it. I am really busy."

I was now close enough to hear the lady named Hestia's voice also. "Poseidon, this is really important to Hera. You know she will get mad if you don't come. Then, she will send Zeus to come and ask to you and then you guys will get into a fight. Just make it easier on all of us and just come to the family reunion. Plus we haven't seen each other together in a few months. It will be fun!"

"I doubt it." Poseidon said back aggravated.

"Please, Poseidon."

"I don't know..."

"Ugh, you left me no choice, Poseidon. Something is different about you and I'm going to find out what. I'm coming over."

"No! Don't! Okay, I'll come to Hera's family thing. Just don't com over."

"Poseidon, are you feeling okay?"

"Never better. Bye, Hestia." He ended the call and hung up. He sighed deeply and ran a hand over his face.

Was I wrong? Does Poseidon really care about me? Is he embarrassed of me? Is it because of the Gabe thing? Is that why he didn't want Hestia over?

He turned around to come back to the living room when he saw me. His eyes widened and he asked, "Percy?"

I felt my eyes start to water, but I wouldn't let them fall. "Are you embarrassed of me?" I ask Poseidon.

"What?!" Poseidon asked with an incredulous look.

"I said 'are you embarrassed of me?' Is that why you don't want Hestia over?"

"What? Of course not. I just didn't want to overwhelm you with my family. We aren't exactly the perfect family. Actually we are very far from perfect. We hate each other a lot. Then, we sorta make up. Percy, I would never be embarrassed of you. Your my son."

I exhale a big sigh of relief. I'm so glad Poseidon thinks that.

"Come on," Poseidon said as he wraps his arm around my shoulder. "Lets go finish our next movie."

I didn't want to sound noisy, but I had one more question. "Who is Hestia?"

Poseidon looked at me. "She's my sister. She is the only tolerable family member to me in my crazy family. I talk to her more than my other siblings."

Oh. "You can have her over if you want to see her. I mean it is your house."

"Well, you pretty much live her too, now. So, it is also yours as well."

"Really?" I ask, eyes wide.

"Of course." Poseidon answers with a chuckle.

I know Poseidon has talked to Ms. Nancy about me staying over here and she was fine with it. But him actually calling it my house made me feel special.

"Are you sure about Hestia coming over her?" Poseidon asked uncertainly.

"Yes." I said with an eyeroll, hiding my smile of him actually caring about how I feel.

"Alright. How about she comes over for dinner tomorrow?"


"I'll give her a call in the morning." Poseidon says with a smile.


TBC. Please let me now how you liked it. Also, does anyone have ideas for the reunion?

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