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+Third person Perspective+

Pax looked around the dark room. Tears staining his cheeks as he searched for anyone, or anything familiar. One second his dad was tucking him into bed and now he was in a dim lit room. Pax curled himself up into a little ball on the floor. He was petrified of the dark and it was freezing cold. He started to sob as there was a crack of thunder from outside. He just wanted to go home!

The door creaked open and light flooded the dark room.
"Hi Paxton!" A man called. He looked oddly familiar to Paxton, like he had seen this man before. "You remember me buddy? It's Daniel. I'm friends with Cas." He smiled warmly. Pax smiled back, glad to hear he was with someone who knew his dad. "Yep. I saw some man take you away so I took him down and took you to my house. So your gonna stay with me for a while until we find Cas and your dad ok?" Daniel smiled and Pax nodded glad to know he would be back home with his dads soon.
"Great! I have someone I want you to meet! His name is Miles, he's you're age and he's my son. So he'll be keeping you company!" Daniel smiled and Pax nodded, letting this Daniel guy pick him up and take him to his potentially new friend. "Miles! Come here buddy!" Daniel called out. His sons head peaked out from around the corner... he was incredibly small for his age, and actually looked like he was 2. He was incredibly slim, almost sickeningly slim.

"Miles!" Daniel smirked, watching as the small boy cowered in fear at the mention of his own name. "this is Paxton! He's gonna he staying with us for a while. I want you to be nice to him and share your toys with him." Daniel said, watching as his son nodded. Daniel put Paxton down and shoved the small boys away, telling them to go play while he talked to Miles mom.

You see, the problem was Daniel and his 'lover' weren't legally wed. And technically Miles wasn't a person. He wasn't born in a hospital, he was born at home in a room upstairs. Hailey was lucky to even be alive. What really scares Hailey though, was nobody knew there was a small child, starving, in this old house in the woods. And she couldn't do a thing about it.

Nobody knew that this was where 15 year old Hailey Mathews was, and had been for 4 years. Miles was the same outcome that Jonah was. But from a different man, Daniels brother. Once the other rapist had found out he had impregnated the 12 year old he didn't want her around. Instead of killing her, Daniel had taken her... he wasn't that mean if a person.

Daniel headed for upstairs, to the room where the once innocent green eyed girl was. Hailey was pacing the floor, hearing her sons name being called scared her. She new her baby boy was treated awful here and she was determined to get him out of here. No matter what it takes. The door opened, and in came Daniel. Smiling at Hailey who stood by the window.

"Hello Love." Daniel smiled, starring at her with a disturbing glance.
"Where's Miles." She demanded, and Daniel rolled his eyes.
"With his new friend, don't worry he's fine." Daniel chuckled. Haileys eyes widened.
"Th...there's another... child... here?" She asked, fear falling still on her face.
"Indeed. And not anyone's child! The one and only Casper Woods!" He laughed. Haileys gut wrenched at the though of another child being here. Not any child though... the lead singer of her favorite bands child... she could only imagine what he was going through... and the child's mother... Hailey didn't know what she'd do with out Miles.

"Why! Why would you do that to him! His mother!" Hailey snapped as Daniel laid down on the bed. He shrugged
"It's two dads." Daniel said running his hands through, as though it was a normal conversation.
"Still! Oh my god!" Hailey cried, slumping down into the corner of the room.
"Stop your freaking out." Daniel scoffed, getting up and walking over to Hailey. He grabbed her arm and forced her to her feet, his lifeless brown eyes meeting her sorrow filled. green ones.
"No! I can't imagine what they're going through! You don't know what it's like to love a child!" Hailey shouted, "and you never will know! You don't even have a heart!" She shouted, shoving Daniel back so hard she knocked him off his feet.

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