Happy Valentines Day!

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Spending Valentines Day Together~

(Be prepared, some of these are long, not all.)

Aoi Valt

Valt wanted to make you something special. I mean, it is his and yours first Valentines day together, and he wanted it to be memorable. Valt paced around his room, a finger up to his chin and him in deep thought.

"How can I make this day special?" He asks himself, "Getting her store bought chocolates is rude in my opinion and way to simple." He pulls his hair gently, "Arg! Why is this so hard?!"

Then, it hit him.

No, literally.

Bread hit his face as by instinct, he caught it. "What the-" He looks up to see the twins giggling.

"Bro, you're thinking way too hard." Toko teased.

"(Y/n) and I always hang out," Nika says, "and when I asked her what she would like for Valentines day, all she said was something simple."

Valt sighs, "It's just that..." He pauses and clutches his red hoodie, "(Y/n) always liked it when I put all of my effort into things. If I get her something simple, she's going to think that I don't care what day it is."

Nika and Toko look at each other and sighed. "You're a lost cause." They both say in unison.

Valt then finally got an idea. "I've got it! See ya!" He says as he ran out of his room and into the kitchen.


"You want me to do what?" Chiharu asks. Valt claps his hands together as he bowed slightly.

"Please teach me how you make those heart shaped brownies with chocolate or strawberry filling." Valt begs. Chiharu blinks but then understood.

"It's for (Y/n), right?" She teases.

Valt turns red but then nods, "Y-Yeah."

Chiharu nods and places her hands on her hips, "Alright then, let's get to it!"

Valt happily stares at her and nods, he grabbed an apron and prepared himself.


You checked your wristwatch. "He should be here by now." You mutter, looking around. Valt told you to be at the park where he always trains at, though, he's nowhere to be found. "He couldn't have forgotten, right?" You began to doubt Valt slightly. "No, maybe he's caught up with something." You say, while staring at the little present you have prepared.

"(Y/n)!!!" You hear your name being called, you turned around and saw your adorable little boyfriend running with a box in hand. You got up from the bench and waved, quickly hiding your present behind you.

"(Y-Y-Y/N)! I'm...s-...sorry that I'm late!" He says in between pants. "I was just giving this the last touches to these." Referring to the pink box that he had in his hands.

"It's fine." You say, reassuring him. "Anyways, what's in the box?" You ask, looking at the box with curiosity.

Valt smiles and opens the box. Your eyes sparkled. "Woah! Valt, did you make these yourself?" You ask.

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