Office Life (DaniMon)

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Lunchtime in the office was a time for everyone to relax. The office workers either went out to grab a bite with their friends or ate their bentos at their cubicles. Suzumoto Miyu finished compiling a folder of important papers for an overseas project proposal and sent an email to her supervisor.

The short haired woman had recently cut her hair, prompting her co-workers to ask if she had a heartbreak occur, but this office lady didn't have any romance in her life. She wore a normal suit, forgoing the classic office lady pencil skirt for pants. The heels on her shoes added onto her height. Once in a while, she put on glasses when she forgot her contact lenses, but all in all, she didn't pretty herself up for romance and made herself presentable for her own pleasures only.

Suzumoto took out her homemade bento and said a word before starting to eat.

As Suzumoto's cooking was always meticulously arranged, her co-workers would often drop by to filch a bite. It was the cutely cute octopus weiner side dish or the tamagoyaki. It could be a bit of soup from her thermos. It could even be the desserts that she would bring once in a while. However, it was never the chestnuts. No one touched the chestnuts.

"Miyu~" The worst offender of food-theft made her appearance, rolling over on her chair.

This was Oda Nana, constant stalker of the CEO Imaizumi's secretary, Kobayashi Yui. To Suzumoto's chagrin, Oda Nana was also her neighbor—both in Suzumoto's apartment complex and in the cubicles of the office.

Oda Nana reached over to grab a piece of tamagoyaki, which was right next to Suzumoto's beloved chestnuts. Suzumoto sent a sharp look toward Oda Nana for even daring to come near her chestnuts. Oda Nana didn't notice Suzumoto's look at all as she chewed the tamagoyaki happily.

"Miyu, you're a great chef." Oda Nana praised, "You'd be a great wife."

Suzumoto replied half-heartedly, "Thanks."

The two spent a few minutes eating quietly. Halfway through the meal, Suzumoto realized that Oda Nana was completely leeching off of her. She had gotten so used to this glutton next to her that the size of her bento had gradually increased to include a portion for Oda Nana. The increased chestnuts were still Suzumoto's though.

As they were eating, the manager Ozeki popped in grinning, "We're going out drinking tonight! Everyone's free right?"

The people in the office at the moment made varying sounds of commitment. Suzumoto and Oda Nana nodded as well. After work drinking parties were just a part of office life. If someone didn't go, they could miss out on a promotion. Although, in this company, missing the drinking party wasn't a big deal.

Ozeki spotted Kobayashi Yui walking by, "How about Yuipon?"

Kobayashi shook her head with a smile, "Ah, sorry. I have plans tonight."

Shida lazily snickered, sliding out on her office chair, sitting on it backwards, "Haha, probably spending the night with Imaizumi right? Enjoy yourselves." She made a few suggestive movements with her hands.

"No comment." Kobayashi replied somewhat flustered with an embarrassed expression on her face.

After Ozeki finished chatting up the office workers, she quickly left. Everyone knew that she was going out to chat with the tiny university student that worked part-time during later lunch hours at a food stand outside. The office workers had covertly promised each other that they would cover for their clumsy manager if she forgot to come back to work.

"Yuipon is so cute." Oda Nana let out a longing sigh.

Suzumoto huffed at Oda Nana's melting expression, "Treat me to a few drinks tonight in exchange for eating my food."

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