The Coffee Shop ~ Chapter 1

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My name is Brooklyn Miller. I live in London and I have a simple life. I spend my days at home, shopping, and hanging out with friends, because I decided to take a break from school and go to college later.

My eyes slowly open and I see the sunlight shine through the curtains. I stretch my arms and sit up. My clock says it's 7:02. My closet door is cracked open and I walk over to it to choose my outfit. I end up picking out a black turtle neck crop top and ripped skinny jeans. I grab a black choker and put it on. I see my favorite black pumps sitting next to the door waiting for me to put them on. I put them on and end up looking fabulous. I put my platinum blonde hair into a high ponytail.

I get in my blue MINI Cooper and drive to The Coffee Shop (yes it's really called The Coffee Shop). Inside, the walls are made of wood, the floor is concrete, and there is a large garage door in the wall. I've been here once, a year ago. When I am line, I think about what I'll get. I end up ordering peach sweet tea and a blueberry scone. As I walk out, a man in a gray hood and sunglasses bumps in to me, and spills his Latte all over my shirt. "My shirt!" I say a bit to loudly. "I'm so sorry," the man says, "I'll buy you a new shirt if you'd like." "Thank you, that would be wonderful!" I say, "What's your name?" "Oh, er," He says, "Tyler?" I say, "Ok Tyler, my name is Brooklyn. Let's say you meet me here tomorrow at 10:00, we'll get to know each other, and then we can go to the mall so you can get me a new shirt! How does that sound?" "Amazing! Again, I'm very sorry..." He says in his perfect British accent.

Still wiping my shirt with napkins, I say, "I should get going, goodbye!" I speed walk out. My plans were to go straight to my friend, Faun's, apartment, but I text her and say, "Hey Faun, some guy named Tyler spilled coffee all over me, I'm going back to my place to change, then I'll come over. See you soon!" I get a text back saying, "Ok! Tell me all about this guy when you come over! 😏 Ttyl!"

When I get home I quickly grab a short sleeved mustard crop top. So much for a super cute outfit! It still look fine, though.

Sorry for the short chapter, if takes a while to get started.

- Kat_Logic

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