Chapter Twelve: Gone

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Chapter Twelve:

There was silence in the room after the words left my lips.

I was just as stunned. Did I really just say that? A sliver of guilt sliced through me, but a deviously bad part of me felt accomplished and rebellious. Walla, who had been was still silent purred in approval as the traitorous words left my mouth. Why didn't I feel bad when I was so rude?

Percyus's arms slackened around me and he took a step back and examined me with an open mouth, as if he thought it wasn't me who uttered those words. However it was like someone else had taken control of my body and I did something catastrophically idiotic, but at the same time, I felt unstoppable as a small smile spread across my face, confirming his confusion.

"You just-" He seemed at a loss of words, "Holy shit."

"I don't know." I murmured, trying to contain my stupid smile that seemed to be getting bigger by the second.

"Holy fuck..." Lorenzo said in shock, his stare wild.

The two guards even exchanged questioning glances, probably hearing word from around the pack that I was shy and quiet, yet the first time they meet me the first thing that comes out of my mouth is 'mother fucker'.

Beta Natalia choked on her words, taking a moment to regain herself. She had known me longer that anyone else in the room, so this probably freaked the living lights out of her. "Damn..." She muttered.

It was Percyus's fault though, he was the one who hugged me while he was angry, which opened up the mate bond. But the rebellious part in me wanted to say it again and again, shout out all the swears I could remember. However that would be suicidal as I was probably in enough trouble already. I was for sure dead meat.

Percyus coughed, "Where did you learn that?"

I slowly brought my hand up and poked his chest softly.

"I taught you that?" He asked in disbelief.

"Way to go, bud." Lorenzo mused.

Percyus shook his head and laughed, "Jesus, I'm a bad example." He swung his arm around my shoulder and pulled me in.

The confident part in me, Walla, wanted to cuddle into his touch, but the sane part in me flinched and shied away. I tensed and wondered if he'd punish me for what I had said. Who am I kidding of course he would. I might as well stop while I was ahead and clean up my act, much to Walla's disapproval.

For once I had slipped control of her, yet I took it away right when she was getting into it.

"Sorry." I said in defeat, my voice muffled my my face being stuffed in his shirt.

"Don't be sorry." He chuckled. "That was amazing. She deserves it."

Beta Natalia huffed and gagged, grossed out by Percyus's affection to me. Lorenzo shut her up with a deadly glare. She had the courage to roll her eyes and continue talking, "What happened to the man who told my alpha that she was a useless runt who you'd be killing off soon anyway?"

My eyes widened and my heart jumped to my throat. Before I could panic, Percyus gripped my shoulders, "Hey, hey, listen! That's what I thought before, you know I'm getting better, she's trying to get into your head."

I felt my breathing pick up and all of my dreaded insecurities came back like a flood. He has lied, who says he isn't lying right now. Maybe he is just trying to gain my trust so he can tear me down again and watch me bleed. Percyus swore as he realized I had slipped of all my confidence. He let me go, knowing I don't like him touching me.

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