Instead of firing back, Michelle stood up and left Ricci without even saying anything.


That's it. Nagising ako sa katotohanan sa sinabi ni Ricci. Duwag ako. Sobrang duwag. I'm afraid of reality at hahayaan ko nalang lamunin ako ng takot hanggang sa mamatay ako.

I never had the courage to fight. I am not brave as everyone sees, I'm just a girl in a box full of lies and frights. I never tried going out of the bubble dahil takot akong magrisk. I'm afraid to risk my feelings that's why I'm always frightened to set things right at manatiling mali.

I feel so tired right now. I wanted to go home, parang nawalan ako ng lakas dahil sa sinabi ni Ricci. Everything turned upside down.

It feels like the world had drained me for everything that I have. I am convinced that different people brings out different sides of you.

Ricci bring out the coward side of me.

Pasan ko na ata ang buong mundo dahil sa bigat na nararamdaman ko. Nagising ako sa katotohanan, tangina.

I kept on walking at hindi ko alam kung saan ako dadalhin ng paa ko. My mind's too clouded to think where to go next. Hahayaan ko ang mga paa ko ang gagabay sa akin papunta sa hindi ko alam.

___ ___

Lumakad ang dalaga palabas ng La Salle without even thinking where to go. Hindi niya alam kung saan siya dadalhin ng paa niya, she rode on a public bus with no specific destination in her mind.

Her phone kept on ringing but she didn't bother answering any calls or messages. She sighed for the nth time, she's spacing out again.

Napansin naman iyon ng katabi niyang binata, curiosity filled his mind. “what is she doing here?” he asked himself in the back of his mind.

“Michelle Cobb riding a public bus? What a joke." he thought while shaking his head.

The guy averted it's gaze to Michelle's cellphone at napansin niyang kanina pa may tumatawag sa kanya pero hindi siya nag-atubiling pansinin iyon.

"Uhm, Miss? Hindi mo ba sasagutin?" Miguel, a student from the same University that they're studying finally spoke up after observing Michelle Cobb.

"Uhh—Sorry I was spacing out." Michelle on the other hand scratch her nape at mukhang nahihiya dahil nakaistorbo ata siya. She declined the call and switched her phone to Airplane mode.

"Michelle Cobb, right?" He asked noong napansin niyang nakatingin si Michelle. "Yup. And you are?" Cobb's smile went wide when the both of them shook their hands.

"I am Miguel Kallos. You probably don't know me, sa sobrang laki ba naman ng La Salle." he chuckles.

"I know we're not close but mind sharing if you got a problem? I'm willing to listen." Michelle was shook when Migs said those words. She raise her eyebrow up dahil sa sinabi ng binata, hindi niya alam if she should trust him—because somehow he still believes about the saying, Don't talk to strangers.


"Okay, I get it. Nag-aalinlangan ka dahil hindi tayo close tapos nagtatanong pa ako." Migs got it straight to bull's eye that's why Michelle nodded.

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