Chapter Thirty-eight

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Underline is greek/Latin


Classes were mostly alright. Mostly. 

It was the end of Charms and I was packing away my things while Calypso fretted and played the maid. Our class was Ravenclaw and Slytherin obviously and lunch was soon. We had just asked Leo to tell the others to meet us at the library after we ate when Pansy and Draco came over.

"Hello, everyone," Darco said politely we all smiled, Harry had told us about the war and why Draco always seemed to be walking on eggshells. There are always two sides to a war and sometimes you don't choose who you fight beside. There is no need to be uncivilized about it.

"Hello Draco, How is today treating you?" I asked gracefully falling into character. He smiled before becoming blank-faced once more. 

"It is treating me well, you?" I almost laughed as Pansy shook Draco's arm, trying to gain everyone's attention. He ignored her.

"I am well, now what do you wish to discuss? We are planning on studying this lunchtime." He nodded quickly

"I was wondering if you knew a ghost?" I felt my face pale along with the others. The room was silent for a few minutes.

"What is this ghosts name?" Thalia broke the silence quietly and tangled her hand in her hair. 

"They." Calypso laughed nervously. before going dead faced.

"Avoid him." We said as one before walking away Draco looked scared and tried to follow us but eventually gave up when Pasny resorted to screaming at him to gain attention.

Once we had managed to get out of most of the student's sight I stopped and turned looking at my friend's pale faces. 

"Calypso, can you go and tell the others that we have an Emergency and we need to meet in the library asap?" Calypso nodded and curtsied glaring at a few of the lingering students before sprinting off to find the others. 


We all meet in the library. Everyone looked pale and I'm guessing by the way Will's hands were shaking even as he clutched Nico's meant that Calypso had told them about... They.

"So, Draco somehow knows, Hermione is oddly oblivious and Luna might kill Ron," Harry said quietly looking at all of us with terror-filled eyes, He'd fought a deadly dark lord, we'd fought literal monsters and somehow this ghost had gotten under our skin. They had managed to scare us even though we have been through so much, he just always has us pinned. 

"Yeah. Look, Harry, we're, or well, I am going to be honest with you. We have never faced something like this and neither have you. So we have no way of telling if everything is going to be fine because it might not be but I can tell you this, I haven't given up yet and neither should you." Frank said sternly clutching the shorter boy by the shoulders. 

"Alright." Harry nodded slowly. We all sat down at one of the older round tables that were shoved so far back into the library that dust covered them.

"Wait, that means that They have at least been in direct contact with one person from each house!" Annabeth suddenly gasped after a moment of bitter silence, I felt something click.

"Harry, did you see a plane covered blue diary in Luna's room?" Harry nodded slowly.

"Yeah, It was sitting on her desk, why?" I turned towards Will he simply nodded and I laughed. I actually laughed. They needed one person from each house, I haven't figured out why but I at least dot the first part and now that I look back on it. It was really obvious, It's kinda funny. 

"Piper..." Jason held my hand and I stopped giggling, He always helped reality to sink in. 

"They needs or needed someone from each house. I don't know why but he did." Everone looked shocked. It was only one part of this puzzle but at least we have finally gotten started.

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