Chapter Seven - The Examination

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My spoon fell from my hand and clanked in the bowl before me. She was blonde.

I was sitting alone at the kitchen counter eating a bowl of cereal that Chef Pierre kindly let me pour for myself when in walked Pinky in all her English glory. But the nickname didn't fit anymore. Because... she was blonde.

"Wow," I said in complete shock. The difference her hair colour made was unbelievable. She was always beautiful, a striking beauty with piercing blue eyes and pale skin. But her red hair added uniqueness to her beauty, made her incomparable and also fiery without even trying.

But blonde. Blonde was stupefying on her. Angelic almost. She wasn't a firecracker on sight any longer, she was sweet and approachable. She was Lauren.

"Now, I have to lose the nickname 'Pinky'." I said jokingly, picking up my jaw from the floor where it fell. "You look more like a barbie doll than I do." I gestured to my own blonde tresses.

"You look the same." She huffed in her strong English accent as she reached across me for the box of Cinnamon Toast Crunch.

And it was true, I did look the same. Cecilia's team had only chopped off some layers of my blonde hair after giving me a highlight and blowout and multiple excruciating facials. By the way, it should be illegal in the United States to tweeze facial hair, especially the few above your lips. The only real difference about me was blind to the naked eye.

"Good Morning everyone," a chirpy tone called from the entrance of the kitchen. I turned from the dishes to see the makeover in progress and was stunned at the sight of the Duchess.

"Aye, mamacita!" Lauren said with a laugh. "You look simply stunning." The English accent on her was becoming so normal in the house that no one thought twice about it anymore.

"You do," I complimented Elizabeth. "Like you stepped right out of an American home into our kitchen."

"Me? Look at you two!" She exclaimed, smiling. "Oh my, your hair." She ran a hand through Lauren's blonde locks and sighed at the feel. "It's gorgeous!"

"Hold up there Princess," Lauren swatted her hand away. "A little less excitement and a little more brooding for the role of a true American." She reminded her.

"Oh. Right." Elizabeth nodded, her entire demeanor changing in an instant before my eyes, as she grabbed an apple from the table and tousled her recently trimmed and highlighted hair. "Also I must add Brynn, simple does not look good on you." And with that she left the room. Her chunky black boots were thudding as they went down the foyer and to the drawing-room.

"Well, I should be going now too." Lauren declared as she rose from the barstool. "Got a lot of work to do!" She left in a flutter, following the path behind Elizabeth.

I continued to eat my cereal as I gave up on working on my accent any longer. I'd decided I was gonna be American. The only challenge was that I was now gonna have to portray a geeky, unbalanced, clumsy teenage girl. 

"It'll all be better soon Mademoiselle LaPorte," Chef Pierre said in a small voice from behind me. I simply just smiled at him as I went for my book on nerd slangs of today and finished my breakfast.

"For the last time, you can call me Brynn, Pierre." I waved at him and the rest of his staff before they headed out to a secret place in the mansion.

I didn't see Kat before I finished up and left for my own solitude to read and prepare for the exam. Which only meant one thing, she either didn't want to be seen, or she wanted to make an entrance later.


A loud gong-like sound came from the speakers in my room. I jumped out of my sleep and temporarily lost memory of where I was. I halted, expecting to see my father in my doorway with some metal contraption he built for a house, but the thought passed as I remembered that I hadn't spoken to my dad in three weeks. I hadn't been able to contact Dax either, the last text he sent me is a heart eye emoji to the picture I snapped for him.

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