Part 1: Capture

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In a dimly lit room, a large group of people of all ages sit restlessly on the dirty, wooden floor; in what appears to be a dark basement of some kind. There was a diversity in clothing and race among the group. Some wear rags, others silk; a mix of humans and half breeds(half-animal features). But the one thing in common that all these people have are the steel cuffs that were bound around their wrists, giving them no chance nor hope of getting away from their large number of captors guarding them from above.

Human traffickers. Feeling utter defeat, the imprisoned all weep in sorrow and fear from what might happen to them. Sitting in the corner was a lone mysterious figure wearing a long hooded cloak to hide his features, he watches silently.

The hooded figure thought, Its been awhile now . . . A week. The swaying of the boat has lessened which probably means that we're close to land-

The young man feels a small tug at his side. He looks over and sees a little girl of five, holding onto his cloak as she trembles in fear, tears welling up in her eyes.

The young man smiles, and gently pats the girl's head in reassurance.

The girl takes one look and miraculously stops crying.

He assures her, "Don't worry, we'll get out of here."

She calms down, believing him. The man gave her a feeling of gentleness.

From the outside shows a majestic harbor full of people and busy markets surrounded by glistening ocean waters, contrary to the "enemy's" ship which was dreary and gloomy.

Lords Mansion

Farther into the harbor there is a large mansion, the decorations and designs are tacky, as if the person responsible just spent all his money on useless items to show his wealth. Inside said mansion, in the grandest room, sat a very large man. He wore the most expensive clothes, gaudy jewelry, his fat in layers from his body. Near him were multiple pretty ladies and men at his service. And on his face, he wore a disgusting grin.

A servant enters then bows. "Lord Ramsworth, the new shipment will arrive very soon. . ."

The fat man named Ramsworth smirked. "Finally, some new entertainment. . . "

He grabs a nearby woman's face.

She trembles in fear and disparity.

Ramsworth: I was getting quite bored of the old "toys". . . . Make sure to be discreet so you won't be found.

"Of course" the servant replies and he leaves to fulfill his duties.

Ramsworth laughs, throwing the woman to the ground as if she was discarded trash.

She hits the ground with a large thud, almost gasping from the pain.

Ramsworth: Throw her in the dungeon like the rest~

The guards immediately comply, ignoring the woman's shrieks and screams of forgiveness.

The rest of the women flinch and shiver as the wailing of the woman gets quieter as she gets dragged away.

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