Part 1: The Baby

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Introductions are needed, we'll begin with a rich and beautiful couple. The husband was a president of a big and successful tech company; his name is Haruki Shirahane, a very handsome man; tall with pure black hair, and was talented at almost everything except cooking and cleaning (a silver-spooned man indeed). He had no close family members due to conflicts for the next head of the family. Not agreeing with the ways of his family he left and built up his own company from scratch and became a renowned CEO at a young age of 20.

The wife was also a president of a famous company for beauty products; her name is Yuriko Shirahane, she was the most popular girl in all her years in school, extremely scary when she's mad. She was beautiful with her long, wavy brown hair and was number one for her grades and she was very artistic. She had only a sister, the rest of her family had died off (for unknown suspicious reasons).

This couple were very much in love, they were high school sweethearts and soulmates. A year after their marriage, a joyous addition was given to this couple. They had a child, a beautiful baby boy. When he was born, the nurses and doctors exclaimed with awe at his beauty. The couple were estatic . . .

Yuriko: *tired but happy, she lays in the hospital bed. Can I hold him?

Nurse: Of course!

The nurse hands the baby to Yuriko who holds him with great care.

Yuriko: *startes to cry. Haruki . . . He's so precious!

Haruki: *he smiles, wipes away his wife's tears. He's beautiful, like you. You did a great job. *he gives her and the baby a kiss.

Nurse: *blush. Did you already think of a name?

Yuriko and Haruki looked at each other then at their baby.

Yuriko: His name is . . .

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