Prank wars

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Armon Pov
"Wassup armon troops isho boy armon and I'm back with a prank on my baby. So today I am doing the cheating prank. Jilly just left about 10 minutes ago to go to Walmart for dinner tonight. So I'm bringing my sis airionna in here and we gone start." I called airi in and she greeted her squad. "Wassup Wassup Wassup. Wassup y'all isho girl airionna that cute lil brown girl errybody want a lil taste of" she greeted. Let's get started.
M- armon
M: wya babygirl
J- me and princess just leaving Walmart omw to Kroger's then Publix why
M- I just miss you and my babygirl. Give her a kiss for me.
J- kk. Ly bae.
M- ily2
" man now I feel bad y'all. I'm still finna get her." I said and shut the camera off. Fifteen minutes later she pulled up. I cut the camera on and woke airi up. "What nigga" she said. "GIRL JILLY... Jilly ousside." I told her. She got up and into position. I took of my clothes leaving me in just boxers. Then she quickly put makeup on my back to make it seem like we been going at it and she was scratching my back up. Baby I'm here. Then the prank started. Not to mention everyone else went with her. She ran upstairs and damn near kicked the door in. "THE FUCK IS THIS" she yelled. The first time I did this prank she cried, but after the situation  she i put her through she grew tougher skin. I jumped out the bed acting all startled. " bae it's not what you think" I said. "Save the bullshit. AND U BITCH U A HOE. U POSED TO BE MY FRIEND AND U FUCKING MY NIGGA." She yelled. She charged at her but before she can get any closer I grabbed her. "Ayo stay away from my girl." I said . She looked at me with glossy eyes before running down stairs. We put our clothes on but by the time we got down there she was in her car about to pull off. I ran out with the camera. She looked at me and rolled her eyes and got out. "Airi I'm sorry for calling you a hoe." She said putting Ar'Mani car seat down to hug her. "You straight boo" airi replied. We walked inside and sat down in the family room.

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