You Just Haven't had Enough...Right? Chapter 12

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We were all silent for awhile until Ronda finaly spoke, "Carlynda. Don't get mad at Drevan. We did not tell him Shane was here because we didn't want you to know. Candy snapped at you this morning becuase she just came back from talking to Shane and I guess whatever happened got her upset and you jumping in on her pestering Ashton."

Candy looked at the floor and rubbed her feet together, "sorry."

I look at Candy then at Ronda then at Drevan who was standing in the hallway looking at his family shocked. "So you kept it a secret that you tortur-"

"We did not torture Shane what so ever." Ronda said calmly.

"So Ashton is wearing those heavy boots for fashion?" I asking pointing at Ashton's boots. Ronda looked at him then at the boots.


"No! It is a yes or no question! And if you DARE say that you just lied to me so God help you all! Have you or have you NOT tortured Shane!?" I said angerly feeling Kendall wrapping his arm around my waist so he could hold me back if I snapped.

Ronda looked at Ashton who looked in my direction but not near my eyes. "I didn't hurt him. The boots were just for intidimation. I just," Ashton said looking at Shane indisgust, "hate what he did to you! He-"

"Oh and what you did was so much better!? You left and gave me the cold shoulder then every time I tried to talk to you or your family and all I got from all of you guys was the cold shoulder! At least he talked to me!" I shouted at Ashton as tears stained my cheeks.

Ashton looked at the ground then at the guy in chains, "I-"

"You know what? NO! I dont want to listen to you! Or you! Or you! Or ANY of you!" I said shouting flingin my arm indicating everyone watching me as Kendall pulled me into his chest and Rei held onto my leg.

"Shhh...calm will be ok..." Kendall whispered into my ear as he rocked side to side and held me close.

"But it's isn't ok...." I cried into his chest as I clutched his shirt tightly just trying to haning onto him as if he was my last hope.

I heard shuffling and looked up to see my parents, Ashton and his family walk away. Kendall loosened his grip and looked at me in the face. "Stay here with Shane, k? I am going to take migit to bed." I nodded and Kendall placed me next to Shane. Ken picked up Rei and walked out of the room with the sleepy one's head drooping over his shoulder.

I rest my head on Shane's shoulder, "did they hurt you?"

Shane shifted and sighed, "nothing bad don't worry about it. You have been in more is needed or anyone." He rested his head on mine and pulled my close. 

Before I knew it I fell asleep. My dream was weird, it was full of supernatural things and monsters. Angels, demons, vampires, tampouls, werewolves, mermaids and others were just everywhere surrounding me in an all black room. They were all talking to me at once making the room spin making everything blurry and the noise only got louder and more hectic. Then suddenly it stopped and I was in some sort of garden it reminded me alot of the garden scene in the Snow White and the Huntsman. Little animals ran around, plants glittered and looked amazing, and faries started coming out and flying around. I sat down by a pond looking at the fish with fins that looked like beautiful skirts of dresses in every color in the clear fresh water.

A small squirrel, dragon with wings ran up to the water drank and climbed up to my shoulder, tugged on my hair, and took off. It ran up until it was next to two trees that looked oddly familiar. I got up and followed him to the trees the realizing these were the two trees I sat infront of at the lake! I look inbetween the two trees and see the lake I was at earlier today? "How?" I breathed.

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