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Ben 10

I walked into Kalanee's room with Kd.This was my first time coming to see her ever since this happened and I feel bad because I know if something were to ever happened to me she would be one of the first people to pull up but I'm here now so I guess it's alright.

A doctor Came and checked her cord and everything she had on her and then he left.

"Ben you mind getting out I gotta say something To NeeNee" Kd Looked at me and I saw the seriousness in his face.


"Fine" I got up and and walked out the door before sitting in the chair that was outside the room.

I got on my phone and went to Instagram seeing pictures of NeeNee and people saying "get well soon" and "Shake Back NeeNee"


I walked up to the bed and grabbed Kalanee's hand.It was so cold and hard like she was dead.

"Listen,I know we play around a lot like we hate eachother but mane I'm out here bussing shit bout yo ass so Imma need for you to wake up because I know you want your revenge and you know gang down with it, But Nahh we really miss you Son everybody out here looking like 3 with the mug, But it's alright cuz I know you gone shakeback because you strong and you really don't got no choice but to because Yb gone keep paying for this life support until you wake up" I took a deep breath.

"I love you mane, I really do you like the lil sister I never had and You been down with gang since '97 you a real one Kalanee, remember that, and if you die on me imma kill you" when I said that her machine started beeping rapidly.

"Aww shit I killed NeeNee" My eyes widened.

Ben busted in the room and looked at me then at NeeNee and he pressed the red button for a nurse to come.

Soon a male nurse walked in and checked everything.

"So What caused that to beep" I spoke.

"Usually You Hear the noise when the patient is about to wake up but thee is no sign that she will be waking any time soon" he answered making me drop my head.

"Fuck man" Ben kicked a chair.

"The only way-

The doctor was cut off by Kalanee sitting up and gasping.

My eyes widened. "What the fuck how did she-

Me and Ben looked at eachother then back at her.

"Looks like she woke up, I'll go get the doctor and get her something to eat" the nurse said walking out.

"I gotta call Yb" I Said as a smile formed on my face.

She just stared at us and blinked occasionally.

"What's wrong with her" I whispered to Ben.

"Ion know mane im not no damn doctor" he shrugged and stared back at her.

"What Kd" yb answered and I removed the phone from my ear and looked at it before putting it back.

"Nigga, I'm calling you to tell you that your girl woke up and that's how you answer" I went off.

"You serious, Kd this not the time to play mane" He said sounding happy.

"On my momma she woke up but she just staring at me and Ben" I Said.

"I'm on my way,tell Ben so he can leave" he said and I nodded as is he could see me.l and hung up.

"Yb coming so I guess you gotta leave" I told Ben and he nodded before dapping me up and walking over to Kalanee's bed hugging her.

She looked at him with a confused face.

"Who are you?"She Asked.

"Mane Stop playing" he chuckled.

"I'm the finest nigga in Baton Rouge,Li Ben, Yo brother from another mother, Yo day one" he said and I shook my head and scoffed.

He said "finest nigga in Baton Rouge" as if I wasn't the finest nigga in Baton Rouge look at him and look at me.

"And that's ugly ass Kd, you know the one we used to beat people up for because they always picked on him and called him dumbo" he said and laughed.

"It still hurts" I put my hand over my heart.

She still just looked.

"She'll Come around and remember all of us she just need to get back right, but you need to get going before Yb get here and yall both get arrested" I told him.

"Ight mane" he said and hugged Kalanee one last time before leaving.

I sighed loudly. "Welp it's just me and you, until your boyfriend comes" I Said and rested my elbow on the arm of the chair with my head in my hand.

"Boyfriend?" She Asked.

"Yeah boyfriend, Kentrell, Youngboy, "Nah I ain't crazy so bitch don't try to play me Imma 38 Baby" I tried to get her to understand.

"What" She Asked.

"When he gets here you'll-

I got cut off by Yb bursting through the door with Mrs.sherhonda,Esha,Montana,ThreeDraco,Baby K and Kalanee's mom and dad behind him.

"How they Let all yall In" I asked.

"They didn't" mrs.sherhonda Said making me shake my head, she look like she just cursed somebody out.

"My baby woke up!" Kalanee's mom exclaimed.

She went over to hug her.

"Who are yall" Kalanee Looked at Everybody in the room.

Everybody looked towards me.

I shrugged. "She been like this since she woke up"

"Damn So She don't remember us" Esha Asked.

"Nope" I shook my head.

"I told her about Yb tho" I Said.

"What she say" he asked with his eyes glossy. I ain't never seen like this over no girl so I know it's real.

"She didn't say"

"Let me See" he walked closer to the bed.

"You remember me" he asked.


Does Kalanee remember Kentrell?
Hey I


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