Good day I guess

19 7 20

First thing's first: I gotta do the tag Missy tagged me in and I gotta tag Robin

and I got my dad's computer now because wattpad is glitching on my phone : ((

Ryan Ross is beautiful

kay so today I went to a pool complex thingy. idk but there were a lot of swimming pools and water slides

aaaaaaaaaand I kinda hate my body and I'm really insecure about it.....................

But it was okay after a while :3

and I went(z)to bed at 7 am and woke up at 8 : )))

and I slept like 30 minutes in the car (it was a 2-3 hour drive from home to the pool thingy)

and I slept one hour at the pool

I have to go to school on Monday and I don't wanna 

We got home an hour ago

and I finally managed to ask my mom for some band merch

so I got some Palaye Royale stuff yayyy

(this is actually a big realization for meeeeeeeee)

kay I love you all 

ash please come back I want to hug you 

I'm sorry I don't have pictures for you today because I'm not on my phone

but listen to Ala Mode by MSI

Helena, I'm glad u my fren because I finally found another Romanian yeemo

I don't want to go I spent a whole day without you ;;;;;-;;;;;;

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