Chapter 7 ❀ Bad Things

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P.O.V~ Jasmine

At the party, things were getting pretty intense. And just as I suspected things were already getting boiled up. We start off the party with a classic game called spin the bottle. Usually you just have to kiss the person that it lands on (if it lands on you) but no. Ella changed the rules. Whoever it landed on you have to do 7 minuets in heaven with them.

Ella grabbed the bottle and spinned it, it took a couple of seconds and everyone was so eager to see who it was. The bottle stopped and I look up to see it land on Ethan. Then Ella explained what we had to do, after that she spinned it again. I looked at Grayson to read his thoughts.
Please don't land on Jasmine
Pleaseeeee don't land on Jasmine.
Land on Ella, yeah do that.
I wish he could control this sort of thing, but how would I know?

As I was looking at him he had a great smile plastered on his face. Then he looks at me and his smile just fades off his face. I looked confused and then I turn to look at the bottle and it was on me.

I instantly look at Ethan with a confused look on my face. I had no idea how to feel.

"Okay you two, get going!" Ella says with a hyper voice.

I look at Grayson and he looks so sad. Then I look back at Ethan and he is gone. I turn around and he reaches out for my hand. I grab it and leave the room.

He leads me to Ella's room which I thought was weird, usually it's in a closet.

He closes the door and locks it. He sits next to me on the bed. Then he looks at me and says...

"Look I'm just gonna say it right now. There are so many things I wanna do to you. But if you don't wanna do anything it's fine. They are gonna except us to do something but we don't have to do anything at all".

I don't say anything at all, I was just so shocked. I wasn't looking at him either, I didn't know what to do. There was a long pause and he placed his fingers on my chin to move my face. "Are you okay?" And I nod my head yes.

"Just let me do this" and then he grabs]ed my face and kissed me. I didn't know what to do but at this point I was feeling good, I liked the kiss I really did. So I go in for another one to see where it would take us and soon enough he lifts me up and pushes me against the wall. I pause for a second thinking
This isn't right, what about Grayson?
"E" I say.
Then he stops kissing me and says "what? Oh do you want me to stop?" Then I start to laugh. "No someone is knocking on the door, they said times up". Then he sets me back down on the bed and kisses my neck. "Okay that's the last one". We get situated and I open the door, and it was Grayson. He grabs me by the waist and kisses me on the lips. "Oh I've been waiting forever to do that".

P.O.V~ Ethan

After a couple of minutes while me and Jasmine are in the room. I grab her face so that she would look at me, and then I kiss her. Not even a second later she kisses me back and I lift her up and push her against the wall. I lost control, but each time I look at her I start to get greedy. I want her and everything else she has to offer.

She stops me and says that someone had knocked on the door. I set her down on the bed gently and I kiss her on the neck. "Okay that's the last one" I say. We get situated and she opens the door, it just happened to be Grayson. He grabs her by the waist and kisses her. Then I laugh a little. Grayson looks at her and says "I've been waiting forever to do that" she looks at him and smiles.

Little did he know that I already beat him to it.

To be continued...

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