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Pen Your Pride

~NINE 1/2~

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I hurry down the stairs and pull the door open, but it isn't who I'm expecting to see. Nope. It's the Hunters. Again. "Seriously? What the hell is it now? You were just here yesterday." But was that really just yesterday? So much has happened between then and now that it feels like a lifetime ago.

"Just some routine testing," the familiar looking one answers. Jenkins, I think. Or Jacobs...

Who the hell cares?

I peer over his shoulder and out the door. There's just one Humvee parked out on the curb. Other than that, it's quiet. No rolling of Humvees around the neighborhood. No air raid sirens blaring. No soldiers marching up and down the streets, yelling out commands.

I settle back down onto my heels. "Why am I the only one being tested today?"

"We don't need a reason, but I'll humor you. There was a complication with your last reading. Colonel wants us to retest."

Right. I try slamming the door in his face, but he stops it with his foot.

"What's going on?" Mom says and pulls her robe tighter as she reaches the last step of the stairs.

The Hunter pries the door open and lets himself inside. Three more follow him. "Just here to test Miss Brennan. There was a problem with her last fertility scan."

"The sooner we get rolling, the sooner we'll be out of your hair, Mrs. Brennan," another one of them says. 

Mom takes a deep breath and relents with a sigh. "Well let's get on with it. I don't want Gracie to be late for school."

I'm used to this.  I lost count of how many times I've been tested a long time ago. So I open my mouth and hold it there while the Hunter swabs my cheek, and I wait patiently, though I'm insanely irritated, as he inserts it into the machine. The green light flashes, and then the yellow, and then we wait.

The Hunters talk amongst themselves casually, as if this is all fun and games for them. But I guess with them carrying penises and all, it is. The yellow light turns off, and I wait for the expected...


"Wait, what?!" I Yell. "There's no way in hell. Let me see it." I stand to look at the screen, but he covers it with his hand. "Let me see it!" I scream.

Mom is already up and across the room. "Let us see the results, Hunter," she demands.

"I don't have to let you see jack shit. Grab her, boys," the Hunter says, and there's way too much excitement in his eyes. He stands, and a swab falls from his pocket.

What the hell?

"Did you even put my swab in there?! What the fuck?!" I continue to scream as two of the men grab my arms. Jerking my body, I twist out of their hold and knee one of them in the junk. He bends over in pain as I hear Mom yelling, "Do the damn test again and let us see the results!"

But it doesn't matter. The creepy one smiles and moves in to detain me, and he and the other guy have me held in place before I can make another move. I still fight against their hold, but they grasp my arms harder, painfully. And then the jerk leans down and whispers, "Let's go, Breeder," with more hate and disdain than I've ever heard come out of someone's mouth. It feels personal, the way he looks sickened by my very existence.

"Fuck you!" I scream, and jump, and kick behind me. My heel meets the shin of one of them, and I hear him curse as they drag me outside.

Mom is screaming, and bawling, and I try not to look at her, because...Fuck. Fuck! "I love you, Mom! I love you!"

"I love you too, baby! They're not gonna get away with this!" She sets her sights on one of the Hunters holding me and makes a run for it, but the Hunter beside her catches on too quickly and wraps his arms around her waist, pulling her back. "Let go of me!" she screams.

I dig my feet into the ground, and I push and pull against their hold, but it's for nothing. They continue dragging me to the Humvee, and the closer we get, the sicker I feel. Dread and doom swirl in the pit of my stomach. I'm screaming, and Mom is screaming, and the Hunters are hollering out orders, and its chaos. Utter chaos as they cuff me and toss me into the Humvee.

I barely catch a glimpse of Ashlyn running out of her house through the Humvee's window. She crashes into the back of her dad and yells, "Do something!"

He stands there, stoic amongst the commotion, and I see the words on his lips as he says them. "I am doing something. Get in the house." Then he addresses the Hunters. "Good work, men."

"No!" She darts across the street and bangs her fists against the Humvee.

I roll back and shove my feet into the Humvee's doors, desperate for them to break open. "This is bullshit! You rigged that fucking test! Let. Me. Go!" I finish between kicks.

"Just like her brother," the evil one sneers.

What the fuck?

But then something slams against my head with excruciating force, and my world goes bla–

***Author's Note***

And that's the end of our Novellette, Falling from Grace, exactly as it was published with Breeder Nation in our self-published version!

We know. It's evil. So, so evil.

Sorry!! *Runs away and hides*

*Peeks back around the corner* Don't forget to vote and comment!

Bye! <3 Kara Michelle

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